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Bending epoxy casting resin (e.g. into a fruit bowl)

Did you know that you can bend epoxy casting resin if it has not yet completely hardened? You can make the most unique shapes in this way, such as a fruit bowl in this example.

My name is Demi from DJK Epoxydesign and I would like to teach you something new about epoxy casting resin. On my website you will find creations such as home decorations to personalized works of art.

For now I will take you through the process of brightening up your interior with this beautiful fruit bowl and epoxy coasters. A fruit bowl is a real eye-catcher in your home. Personally, I find most fruit bowls quite boring and that's why I wanted to design my own fruit bowls. My own style that is reflected in the interior: a bowl that is unique and stands out with the beautiful colors of the fruit! Yes, I'm going to work on this! To make it complete, I also make some epoxy coasters in the same style. Nice right?

What do you need:
- Flower-shaped epoxy molds
- 1:1 Epoxy casting resin
- Stir sticks
- Pigment for epoxy
- Gloves
- Disposable cups & silicone mixing cup

Step 1: Choosing epoxy pigments

Always ensure a clean workplace. Gather the supplies and check everything again. Choose which colors you want to use and any additional decorations. I use the following colors of metallic epoxy pigment powder from ItsOkay: Ocean Blue, Sky Blue and Pearl White.

They are really beautiful colors and the pigments are of very good quality. I scoop a little powder of each color and put it in a disposable cup. After this, I add the amount of epoxy casting resin I need into a mixing cup. I mix this well together for at least 3 minutes so that it is thoroughly mixed.

Step 2: Start pouring the bowl and coasters

Make sure you mix the epoxy pigments well with the epoxy resin. I do this manually with mixing sticks. Always stir in one direction. Stirring immediately reduces any air bubbles in epoxy. See also: removing air bubbles from epoxy .
Think carefully in advance what effect you want to create. Working with epoxy resin remains manual work and mixes itself, but you can still design a pattern by using different techniques. This way your work of art always remains unique!

Step 3: Applying a pattern/effect in epoxy casting resin

You can create a pattern in epoxy by pouring in a certain direction. You can let this spread out or add even more pattern with a stirring stick. If the colors blend nicely, I look at the effect and whether I am satisfied with it. In this step I check whether any adjustments need to be made.

In this example I made a 'flower' pattern with the coasters in the color "pearl white". I also do this with the fruit bowl. While pouring the epoxy you can see the colors blend nicely into each other. I thought the end result was nice enough, so I left it as is. With the coasters I made the 'flower' pattern a bit more playful with a stirring stick.

Step 4: Bending/deforming epoxy casting resin

Now let the epoxy partially harden and you will bend the epoxy. You can decide how you want to bend your work of art: higher or lower, etc.
Between 5-7 hours is a good time to start bending the epoxy. The epoxy is hard enough to bend and can then harden further into the desired shape.

Place the silicone mold with the epoxy on a round object. You can use anything for this: an oven dish, baking dish or the lid of a trash can in this example. It is just perfect for the result I want to achieve.
I support the silicone mold on the sides (see photo below) with cups/pots to create a desired shape.
Are you satisfied with the shape? Then for now it's: wait! Patience is a virtue until the epoxy has fully cured. This can certainly take a few days, 24-48 hours is really the minimum.

Step 5: Demoulding

Now it's time to remove your epoxy creation from the epoxy molds and voilà: here is your final product! Or not quite yet? You can also choose to finish the edges nicely with epoxy paint markers . I can honestly tell you, these markers are absolutely AMAZING. They are well pigmented, dry very quickly and work really well. You have different sizes of markers. For my artwork I chose the silver color with the marker size: 2.2 -2.8 mm.

Step 6: Styling in your home - interior

Now the question is: "Where are you going to put this beautiful bowl?". In the living room with the matching coasters or in the kitchen? It doesn't matter because it is and remains an eye-catcher and unique to have or to give away as a gift. Lots of fun

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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