How do you dry flowers? 4 simple ways

Using dried flowers as decoration or to process them in epoxy resin is a simple way to enjoy your beautiful flowers indefinitely. But how exactly do you dry flowers? We teach you that.

how to dry flowers

In this article we share some useful tips and tricks for the best way to dry flowers for use as decoration or for use in epoxy resin and resin art.

Tip 1: Choose the right flowers

Not all flowers are suitable for drying and using as decoration or in epoxy resin. Choose flowers with firm petals and avoid flowers with a high moisture content. Easy flowers to dry include rosebuds, baby's breath, lavender, baby's breath, eucalyptus and grasses.

Tip 2: Pick flowers at the right time

To dry flowers properly , it is crucial to pick them at the right time. Preferably pick flowers in the morning , then they will be saturated with moisture during the night and still beautiful.

Do not pick flowers with brown spots. Choose flowers in full bloom , but before they begin to wilt. Flowers that are overdeveloped may lose their color or distort during drying.

Drying flowers: 4 easy ways

There are different methods of drying flowers. Choose a method that best suits your desired end result:

1. Pressing flowers

The most famous and easiest way to let flowers dry flat . Place the flowers between sheets of absorbent paper, such as tissue paper or paper towels, and place them in the center of a heavy book. Leave the flowers under pressure for 2 weeks until they are completely dried and then remove them from the book. You can then frame the flowers or, for example, cast the flowers in epoxy .

flowers drying between a book

2. Bundling and hanging

This especially works with larger flowers. Tie a bunch of flowers together and hang them upside down in a dark, well-ventilated place (shed or laundry room). Make sure the flowers do not touch each other and let them dry for several weeks.

flowers dry in the air

3. Silica gel

Silica gel is a desiccant that absorbs moisture from flowers. Place the flowers in a sealable plastic or other container and cover them completely with silica gel. Leave the flowers in the silica gel for several days to a week, depending on the flower type. Silica gel is reusable, but not exactly environmentally friendly. Our preference is therefore for the other options.

4. In the convection oven

You can also dry flowers in the oven. This will shrink a bit and you will get a different effect. Place the flowers on a rack and heat the oven to 90 degrees and leave the flowers in it for 1-2 hours. Stay there and check occasionally to see if the flowers are dry.

You can of course also buy dried flowers. You can buy large dried flowers and small dried flowers at specialty stores.

Protection of color and shape

Flowers can lose their color or become distorted during drying. To preserve the color, dry the flowers in a dark area with minimal exposure to direct sunlight. To avoid deformation, lay the flowers down carefully without bending or crushing them.

Finishing and conservation

To protect the dried flowers and keep them beautiful for as long as possible, you can treat them with a little hairspray .

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