Epoxy techniques for beginners

Which techniques are really suitable for beginners? With a few simple steps, you too can make the most beautiful art with epoxy resin, such as epoxy key rings or jewelry.

In this article we will explore a few simple epoxy techniques that are perfect for beginners wanting to explore the world of epoxy art. Combine the techniques for an even more spectacular result!

Epoxy and color

Adding color to epoxy makes creations unique, vibrant and eye-catching. To start with, it is important to know how you can color epoxy:

1. Alcohol ink . This is a popular method because the ink comes in a handy bottle. This allows you to drip ink into the epoxy very accurately. You can also make "Petri Art" with alcohol ink. Petri dish art is a unique form of art in which alcohol ink is mixed with epoxy to create unique patterns.
There are different types of alcohol ink such as; transparent, opaque, metallic, mother of pearl and even glow-in-the-dark. They all give a different effect and end result.
2. Epoxy pigment powder . A very fine powder that you mix with your epoxy resin. This is very opaque with a small amount and gives a shiny effect with a little glitter.

Epoxy techniques

Several ways you can experiment with color when working with epoxy:

  • Depth through color. Experiment with combining different colors to create unique patterns. If you want to work with different colors at the same time, it is important that you let the resin sit for a while until it has become a bit viscous. If you don't do this, the colors will mix with each other.
    - Pour the different colors of epoxy resin into the silicone mold and swirl them together with a toothpick.
    - Or use a silicone pouring cup with different compartments for different colors. With this cup you can easily pour the most beautiful creations using epoxy molds .
  • Transparency and opacity. Play with the degree of transparency in your epoxy works of art. For example, add more food coloring for an opaque, intense color. Or reduce the amount of dye for a more translucent effect that will make some areas more prominent than others.

    Adding decorations to epoxy

    A frequently used technique when working with epoxy casting resin is to incorporate various materials and decorations into your epoxy creations.
    By artfully incorporating different materials into your epoxy, you can add texture and depth to your project, even as a beginner!

    • Natural elements. Dried flowers , leaves, small twigs or even seeds can make beautiful inclusions in epoxy art. Make sure these materials are completely dry before placing them in the epoxy resin to prevent mold and other unwanted reactions.
      Click here for a step-by-step explanation of how to easily add decorations to your project. For example, you can make your own bracelets or earrings with beautiful dried flowers.
    • Glitter and glamour. Add a touch of sparkle to your artwork by mixing glitter into the epoxy. Choose fine glitter particles for a subtle shimmer, or go for coarser glitter for a more pronounced effect. Experiment with different colors and glitter combinations. For example, consider making your own earrings in a glitter and epoxy color that matches your outfit exactly!
    • Personal memories. Make your epoxy art even more valuable by embedding personal memories such as photos, letters or other sentimental items. Make sure you laminate photos or letters first before placing them in the epoxy. Here you will find our tutorial that explains step by step how to process photos in epoxy resin.
      Or use our Epoxy sticker printer to easily add personal texts or names.

      All these inclusions can be captured in several, thin layers of epoxy, creating a unique and valuable work of art that tells a personal story.

    Epoxy starter kits

    In our webshop you will find many different epoxy starter packages, such as the Epoxy making coasters package . These are the most popular starter packages that contain everything you need, including an extensive manual with examples. Perfect for beginners!

    Making keychains starter kit

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    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.

    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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