Make your own earrings

Do you want unique ones yourself? earrings to make? Then read on quickly. You can easily make different ones gorgeous earrings with epoxy resin and a silicone mold.

In this article we share some simple steps and examples to inspire you to create beautiful earrings to be made with epoxy casting resin.

Epoxy is a synthetic resin with enormous possibilities. Simply put, you make earrings by pouring epoxy into a silicone mold (for earrings, for example). This then hardens and voilá beautiful homemade earrings!

Make your own earrings is simpler than you think. You can pour decorations of your choice such as dried flowers, gold foil, photos, hair, etc. Choose a silicone mold of your choice and design your own earrings within minutes. Make simple beautiful self-made earrings and then you can really say that you made them yourself! What is also popular nowadays is to make your own jewelry and this one at sell at markets, Etsy or even your own website. See ' Selling handmade jewelry online ' to learn more about this.

What is epoxy?

Epoxy casting resin is a versatile synthetic resin that is used for many applications, including making your own jewelry. But you may also know epoxy from pouring floors or coating boats. You can literally do anything with it.

It is a durable and transparent liquid that, when mixed with a hardener, cures hard with a glossy finish. Cured epoxy is safe for both humans and animals. Epoxy is often used to make unique jewelry because it is very easy to work with.

You pour epoxy resin into an epoxy mold of your choice and use it to make your own jewelry quickly and easily. Besides that there epoxy earring molds are you also have epoxy molds for pendants, rings, bracelets and more. It is a lot of fun to do and gives a lot of relaxation and satisfaction.

    Make your own earrings: 4 examples

    Example 1: Making simple earrings

    Making your own earrings is easy with epoxy and a silicone mold for earrings . There are many varieties of earring molds, feel free to take a look. Pour epoxy into the silicone mold pendants/earrings and add your favorite decorations. After 24-48 hours, the epoxy has hardened and you can remove your homemade earrings from the mold. Your earrings will be finished so quickly!

    To make these earrings yourself you need some basic products:

    Example 2: making earrings

      You can also make earrings with different layers. These always look very impressive and special. Please note: you may get compliments if you wear this!
      You can make these with, for example, the silicone mold earrings or silicone mold oval earrings . Pour epoxy casting resin into the mold and let it harden according to the instructions on the bottle. Each epoxy has a different curing time.
      These molds already have holes in them, so after hardening you can easily put a metal ring through them. If you want to create different layers in your earring, add more rings and shapes. Hang one here Attach the ear hook and your earring is finished!

      To make these earrings yourself you need some basic products:

      Example 3: making a charm earring

      Make beautiful earrings with open charms yourself. These are a kind of iron open earrings that you can cast with UV Resin. UV Resin is a ready-to-use epoxy that cures within minutes. This epoxy is suitable for small objects and jewelry such as this.
      Stick a charm on special tape for epoxy , so that the epoxy does not run. Then pour the UV Resin into the open charm and add your favorite decorations. UV Resin hardens through sunlight. You therefore let this harden under an Epoxy UV Lamp . Attach the earring to an ear hook and wear it with pride!

      For this earrings To make it yourself you need some basic products:

      Example 3: Making earrings from dried flowers

      You can also make your own earrings from only real dried flowers. So you don't pour this into a mold or into a charm. Please note: this is for advanced users. Colette is an expert in this field and has written a blog about how to cast this into a charm. See the blog " Making handmade pendants with flowers " here. The principle is the same.

      You can use this technique to process self-picked flowers into jewelry. You must first dry the flowers or leaves very well. You then build up each pendant in several thin layers of UV Resin . You let this harden under an Epoxy UV Lamp . See the article above for the full explanation.

      For this earrings To make it yourself you need some basic products:

      More information?

      Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.

      Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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