How to remove air bubbles from epoxy? Get started with these 5 tips

Air bubbles in epoxy are undesirable. Fortunately, you can prevent and remedy this with the right skills. Read the best tips & tricks from Resin Art experts for successfully removing or preventing air bubbles from epoxy.

5 ways to get air bubbles out of epoxy

1. Mix epoxy well and let it sit for a while

One of the main causes of air bubbles in epoxy is poor mixing of the components. Make sure the epoxy resin and hardener are at room temperature and you mix them gently for at least 2-3 minutes . Always only mix in one direction, this will save a lot of air bubbles . After this, wait 15-25 minutes before pouring and you will see that most of the bubbles have already risen to the surface and burst. Then pour the epoxy slowly.

get air bubbles out of epoxy resin

2. Use a bubble spray

With a bubble spray especially for epoxy and polyester you can quickly and effectively remove epoxy air bubbles . The Bubble blaster is a safe and effective spray against air bubbles. Spray once over the epoxy and your work of art is bubble-free. Applicable to any size mould, table or object.

remove epoxy air bubbles

3. Pour epoxy in layers

First apply a thin layer of epoxy of maximum 1 cm and let it harden before applying the next layer. This allows air bubbles to pop from the first layer before the next layer is applied. Do this especially if you work with porous surfaces such as wood, stone or other natural products. The air in this will move upwards.

4. Use a burner or heat gun

One way to remove air bubbles from epoxy casting resin is to use a burner (lighter) or heat gun . Gently move the torch or heat gun over the surface of the epoxy to pop air bubbles. This is a great technique if you are casting into a wooden frame or have applied a coating.
However, this is certainly not preferable if you cast into a silicone mold. Do you still want to use this method? Then be careful not to touch the edges of the silicone mold, otherwise they will melt to the epoxy. This can ruin your artwork.

5. Heat epoxy in a bain-marie

Preheating the epoxy can also help prevent air bubbles. Place the cup of mixed epoxy in a container of warm water (about 50-60 degrees) for 10 minutes to reduce the viscosity and pop the air bubbles. Make sure your cup is stable and cannot fall over.

heat epoxy to prevent air bubbles

6. Use a degasser or vacuum pump

A degasser or vacuum deaeration kit is a very effective way to remove air bubbles in epoxy casting resin. Place your epoxy artwork in a special degasser or vacuum pump to remove 100% of the air from the mixture. The investment is the only disadvantage: these devices easily cost 300-600 euros. However, if you work with epoxy often, this can be a smart investment. This way you can remove air bubbles from epoxy for all your works of art again and again.

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