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Make a birth announcement with your name

In this blog, Stefanie shows you how to make a super cute nameplate with a matching board. A personal and very original maternity gift for a boy or girl. Put the name of the sweet baby on a nice colorful board!

My name is Stefanie, I am 36 years old and work as a flight attendant. What started with making a few coasters with resin has grown into making many creations that I invent, design, make and also sell myself. On Instagram my name is CreaStessie . Feel free to take a look at my Instagram for inspiration!

I have previously written a super fun blog about making a etagère and in this blog I hope to take you through the creative process of making a cute name board with a matching board.
You can make these planks in all colors with the beautiful pigments from itsOkay, so be creative. I have included clear photos so that the process is easy to follow. A step-by-step plan with videos can also be found on my Instagram page: CreaStessie . Have fun reading and making!


    Nice to know:

    • For a letter you need about 10 grams of resin
    • For a plank you need about 25 grams of resin
    • The letters you make are 5 cm long. Take this into account when purchasing the right size shelf (bookmark mold)

    Make a birth announcement with your name

    Step 1: Preparation

    Make sure you have all the supplies ready in a clean workplace free of dust and hair. Dust and hair can easily fly into your epoxy work and then dry together. This is not nice and a great waste of your creation. It is important that the surface you are working on is level so that your resin does not run to one side. It is also wise to make your work in a place that you will not need for the next 24 hours, because you cannot move your work once you have finished pouring.
    Think carefully in advance what you want to make and which colors you will use. You have approximately 30 minutes of processing time, so good preparation is very important. In the photo you can see how I like to prepare and place my things. I do the mixing and coloring on a protected table and the pouring on my kitchen counter. Before I started I checked that my workstation was level and then I protected the area with a garbage bag. I then prepared the silicone molds on top.

    Step 2: Mixing the epoxy

    I use the Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin from ItsOkay. This is a resin for larger projects and somewhat thicker than other epoxy resins. Because the resin is a bit thicker, the pigment colors do not immediately flow into each other and that is very useful for what I want to make. The mixing ratio of this resin is also very easy, namely 1:1.

    A letter mold contains approximately 10 grams of epoxy resin and a bookmark mold (this will soon be the board on which the letters are placed) contains approximately 25 grams of resin. In this example I'm creating the name 'Daniel'. These are 5 letters x 10 grams of resin = 50 grams of resin for the letters and 25 grams extra for the board.

    So I need 75 grams of resin, but I always make a little extra to make sure I have enough. I'm going to mix 100 grams. The mixing ratio of this resin is 1:1. That's why I mix 50 grams of hardener and 50 grams of resin in a yogurt bucket. Weigh this carefully with a scale. Then I set the timer to 4 minutes and mix the resin and hardener thoroughly with my stirring stick. Do this very carefully and in one direction. Scrape the edges and bottom well, because everything needs to mix well together.

    I am going to make the name Daniel in blue with pigment powder and the bookmark (the shelf) in pearl white. I always mix the pigments in small disposable pouring cups . You can buy them cheaply per 50 or 100. These are ideal for smaller jobs and have a super handy pouring spout and handle.

    After stirring well for 4 minutes, I divide the resin over the number of pouring cups I will use. In this example two colors: blue and pearl white. Add a little pigment powder to the resin. I also stir this very well so that it becomes a nice, even color of resin. Start with a small amount of powder, you can always add more. Better to have too little than too much, because then you run the risk that your work will not harden.

    Step 3: Casting

    I have carefully calculated how much resin I need for the number of letters (names) I am going to make and which letters I want in which color. I make the matching planks pearl white, black or in a color that matches the letters.
    Fill the molds well with the resin. You prefer the resin to be a bit convex (too full) than under the edge of the mold, because resin shrinks and then you get uneven edges. Keep in mind that the letter template is a mirror image and that any glitter and decorations you add will sink to the bottom.
    After this I go over the epoxy with my heat tool/hair dryer to pop air bubbles. This can also be done with a gas burner, but do not go too close to the edges of the mold. You can then damage/melt the molds and then they will stick to your work and the molds can no longer be used for a next project.
    When the molds are fully poured, I always cover my works so that no dust can float into the resin while drying. I use a fly net for this, which is sturdy and does not touch the work. Now I let everything dry for about 24 hours. How long the resin needs to dry depends on the temperature and humidity in the room where you are crafting. The warmer, the faster it dries. In the summer months your works will harden much faster than in the winter months.

    Step 4: Remove your creations from the mold

    After everything has completely hardened (24-48 hours) you can remove the letters and boards from the silicone molds. Do this carefully so that your work and the molds are not damaged.

    Step 5: Assembling the birth board

    You take a board (bookmark mold) of your choice. I made 2 sizes. A letter is 5 centimeters. The 14cm plank fits 4 letters and the 19.5cm plank fits 5 letters. I make sure that the first letter falls over the hole in the board. Then I place the letters playfully or upright and stick them in place. You can do this in different ways:
    - with a drop of resin and then let it dry for another 24 hours
    - with UV resin from itsOkay and then dry with a UV lamp or in the sun
    - or with a drop of super glue.
    First place the letters how you like them and, if necessary, send a photo to the person for whom the board will be: fixed is simply fixed. Use no more than a drop of resin or super glue and place the letters upright on the board. After the above-mentioned drying time, your board is ready and you can place it somewhere nice or give it as a gift.

    I also made a matching tooth box at the same time. This way you immediately have a nice matching set for your little one or a beautiful and personal gift. All baby teeth can be safely stored in the tooth box, in order. How nice is that!

    I hope you have enjoyed this blog again and have been greatly inspired to make beautiful things with Itsokay epoxy and accessories.
    For more information or the accompanying videos, you can take a look at my Instagram page: Creastessie. Have fun crafting and see you next blog.

    Do you want to make this too?
    - Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin
    - Embellishments for Jewelry
    - Gloves
    - Mixing cup / scale
    - Color pigments

    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


    • hallo, Om het gaatje kwijt te raken kan je ook het steeltje eruit knippen. Je kan hem dan alleen niet meer als boekenlegger gebruiken maar ben je wel het gaatje kwijt. Ik ga dit zeker maken, leuke blog! groetjes Nikki



    • Beste, Kleine opmerking, in de uitleg geeft men de hoeveelheid hars aan per letter, maar Daniel bestaat uit 6 letters, en geen 5 zoals aangegeven. De uitleg is heel duidelijk, en ik ga het zeker eens proberen. Groetjes


      Marie-Paul Ghys

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