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Making Orgonite Pyramid with Epoxy Resin | in 9 Steps

Making your own orgonite is easier than you might think. Bring positive energy into your home by making your own orgonite! Do you want to know how? Then read this article!

In this manual I will show you how to make a pyramid/orgonite. In this example I do not use gemstones or metals. As a result, you cannot call this pyramid orgonite with healing properties. Of course you can choose your own materials per layer , which can create a healing effect . I ordered my supplies for this pyramid from itsOkay and received it very quickly.

My name is Jessica Immen-van Ophem, 38 years old. As an artist I make many colorful things such as: paintings, geodes, dream catchers and jewelry. I have been working with epoxy resin for a few years now. I have tried different brands. There is a difference in, for example, the thickness of the epoxy, mixing ratios, the curing, the clarity, the gloss or yellowing (UV protection) and of course the price. Pay attention to this when purchasing and read the description carefully! The resin from itsOkay is somewhat thicker, very clear, has UV protection against yellowing and is glossy.

home made orgonite

Requirements to make orgonite:


  • Mixing cup / scale, stir sticks
  • Gloves
  • Apron to protect your clothes or put on old clothes
  • Heat tool, sandpaper and a spirit level or app

  • supplies to make orgonite

    Making the orgonite

    Step 1: Preparation

    First shop for all the things you need. Are you going to make a graceful pyramid like I do in this manual or are you going to make a pyramid with healing properties (orgonite)? Think carefully about what you want to make. Which colors do you like? What may your pyramid radiate? You can possibly draw out your design on a piece of paper, so that you know what you are doing. 
    Take a look around the itsOkay site and choose which decorations you want to incorporate into your pyramid. The pyramid consists of several layers of resin. You make it per layer. Each layer must dry for 24/48 hours. A pyramid like this really takes a week to complete. Below I will tell you how I made mine, but above all follow your own creative flow.

    homemade epoxy resin orgonite pyramid

    Step 2: The epoxy casting resin mix and the first layer

    Make sure you have everything ready on a clean and straight work surface. You can use a spirit level to check whether the surface is properly level. You have apps for this on your mobile phone, if you don't have a spirit level at home. If your workplace is crooked, the resin will flow crookedly and you don't want that. Are you going to cast transparently? Always add UV blocker to your epoxy mixture.

    I use the Epoxy 1:1 casting resin . This is resin for large surfaces. I'm going to mix this in a silicone mixing cup. Weigh it accurately on a scale. The amount depends on how thick you want the layer. I started with a translucent clear color. This will be the tip of the pyramid. Pour the resin into the mold. Then burn away the air bubbles with a burner. You do this by briefly passing the fire over the air bubbles. Be careful of the mold: it can melt if you leave the burner burning at one point for too long. Let the resin dry for a day and continue after about 24 hours.

    mixing epoxy resin

    Step 3: Layer 2 (I pour dried flower)

    Mix a small amount of clear resin in a separate cup. Pour this into the mold on top of the first layer (that you made yesterday), so that it is evenly distributed on the surface. Then place a decoration in the center. Make sure you place it upside down! Press the decoration well into the resin with a stick. Run a blowtorch over the resin again against the air bubbles. Let the resin dry again for about 24 hours. When the pyramid is finished you will be able to see this nice flower in the tip. This way you have more control over the flower than if you had just put it in the first layer. This way it doesn't sink and stays in place better. Please note: it is very important that the mold is level while drying, otherwise the decoration will slide to another side.

    pouring flour

    Step 4: Layer 3 with a light pink color

    I thought it would be fun to make a pyramid in shades of pink. This pink color is the color of love and strength. And everyone can use that! I chose a light pink color for this layer. I mixed a little bit of pink into the clear resin, which keeps it transparent and not full of color. I also used a shimmer powder in this color. Go over the resin again with a burner and let it dry for 24 hours.

    pouring color pigment

    Step 5: Layer 4 with a full color

    After so many light layers, it was time for a full color. And again I chose pink, but now a full color. So you first mix a little bit of resin with color pigments and complete the pyramid. Go over the resin again with a burner and let it dry for 24 hours.

    Step 6: Layer 5 with gold-colored resin

    I made resin and added a tiny bit of gold pigment. After this, I added a lot of glitters into this same container and mixed them well with a stick. This creates a glittering paste of resin. That already looks very nice. I poured this back into the mold on top of the dark pink layer. Go over the resin again with a burner and let it dry for 24 hours.

    gold flakes and glitter pouring

    Step 7: Layer 6 soft pink-colored layer

    On top of the gold-colored layer I poured another soft pink-colored layer. Mix the resin with the pigments and pour it over the glittering gold layer in the mold. Go over the resin again with a burner and let it dry for 24 hours.

    Step 8: Layer 7 with glass pebbles

    For this layer I wasn't sure whether I should make it with dried flowers or glass pebbles. I went for the latter option. I prepared the resin again in a cup and added many stones. Mix well and pour over the soft pink layer in the mold. Spread the stones with a skewer. Make sure they fit well against the edges, because that is where you will see them clearly. Go over the resin again with a burner and let it dry for 24 hours. These glass pebbles resemble rock crystal. This way, the brightness of the point is beautifully reflected in this layer.

    mixing epoxy resin

    Step 9: Layer 8 the last layer

    Now we have arrived at the last layer. I personally like to make it dark. Then you can clearly see that the pyramid starts there. You look through bright colors, making it appear to float. I choose a full pink color. I mixed the resin and added pigments again. Mix well and pour into the mold. Then burn again and let dry.


    And this is the best step! When the pyramid is completely dry (let it dry for at least 24 hours after the last step) you can remove the pyramid from the mold. Drum roll......WOW :) How beautiful it is! Do not you think so?

    removing epoxy resin orgonite from mold

    The edges of the bottom may still feel sharp. You can remove this by taking a piece of sandpaper and gently sanding this edge. Clean the pyramid with a soft, wet cloth and dry. Place an orgonite sticker on the pyramid if desired. Give him a nice spot!

    epoxy resin orgonite sanding and polishing

    I hope I have inspired you :) Good luck and enjoy your creation! Love Jessica.

    Do you want to make this too?
    - Epoxy 1:1 casting resin . This is resin for large surfaces. You can also use ready-made resin, but that is very expensive for large surfaces.
    - Silicone Mold Pyramid / Orgonite from itsOkay
    - Epoxy color pigments

    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


    • Leuk! Wil ik ook graag eens doen. Alleen hoeveel kun je er hier van maken?



    • Bedankt voor de goede uitleg ik ga in weekend ook eens proberen mijn bedoeling is om ietsje te maken van mijn overleden zoon ik heb zijn haar en ook zijn gouden ketting ik weet nog niet hoe ik ga doen ik denk met gedroogde bloemen


      Van vooren Myriam

    • Is het normaal dat de hars niet snel droogt? Hoelang moet deze droge?


      An Van mogh

    • Dank jullie wel voor de reacties. Ik zal ze even beantwoorden. @Mirre Dat hoeft niet persee. In energie gebeurd er al veel door het gebruik van kleuren en de vorm van de piramide. Met edelstenen en bv koper wordt die energie versterkt. Plus dat edelstenen ook zelf bepaalde eigenschappen en trillingen afgeven. @Margarita Ja dat kan, maar gebruik niet teveel, want dan droogt de epoxy niet goed in. Ik dacht max 10% verf toevoegen. Zelf werk ik liever met de pigmenten. Dan weet je zeker dat het goed gaat. @Moniek Leuk! Succes! @Ivonne Super! Goed om te horen. Succes met jouw creatie. Het is zo leuk om te maken!


      Jessica Immen

    • Leuk Alleen horen er toch edelstenen en stukjes metaal in als het wil gebruiken ter ondersteuning bij healings, meditaties of om in huis te zetten?



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