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Pouring flowers into epoxy jewelry

Crafting with flowers and epoxy is a wonderful activity. Have fun being creative and make something that is entirely to your taste. A golden combination! In this manual you can read how to make pendants or key rings with flowers.

Hello Resin-Art fans! Name is Jolanda. I am 36 years old and the mother of two children. I have been working with epoxy and potting flowers for years. Spring is coming again. This is a fun time for many, everything becomes green again, the flowers bloom again and nature comes to life. Soon you will see a beautiful blossom of a tree and/or shrub or the first flowers.

Unfortunately, flowers do not bloom for long, but thanks to epoxy you can preserve your beautiful / unique / special flowers. In this blog I show you how you can process dried flowers in epoxy resin.

What do you need:
- Epoxy such as the Epoxy casting resin (left in the photo) or UV Resin (right in the photo)
- Dried flowers
- Silicone mixing cup / normal mixing cup
- Nitrile gloves
- Silicone mold of your choice

- Baby wipes (in case you make a mess)
- Heat gun or lighter
- Cocktail sticks
- Pliers
- Hand drill (manual or electric)

1. Which epoxy?

The use of suitable epoxy is important for the end result of your Resin Art art. itsOkay has two types of resin, both of which have advantages and disadvantages.

1. UV Resin (on the right of the photo). This resin is ready-made and you do not need to mix it. You pour the resin directly from the bottle into a mold thanks to the handy spout. You let this resin dry in direct sunlight or under a UV lamp. The resin hardens within a few minutes. This is very useful because you can continue working immediately and do not have to wait 24 hours for a layer of resin to form.
2. Epoxy casting resin 1:1 (left in the photo). This resin is suitable for large and small surfaces. This resin is cheaper. You mix this resin very precisely 1:1. The disadvantage is that it hardens within 24 hours.

2. How to dry flowers?

Are you going to use found or picked flowers yourself? Then dry it for the best result. If you add fresh flowers or leaves to the resin, there is a chance that the rotting process will continue in the resin: and you don't want that.

To dry flowers for use in epoxy casting resin, there are several methods you can use.
Read all about it here Flower drying tips and tricks .

Once the flowers are completely dry, you can use them in epoxy casting resin. Carefully place them in the casting resin, making sure they are covered and do not move until the casting resin has completely hardened.

Of course you can also buy them: dried small flowers from itsOkay.

Dried Small Flowers

3. Pour in dried flowers

Step 1: Preparation. Make sure your molds are clean. You can easily remove dust from a silicone mold by sticking adhesive tape on it and then peeling it off again. We are going to cast the mold 1/3 of the way.
> Do you use the Epoxy casting resin 1:1 ? Then measure how much resin you think you need and weigh exactly the same amount of A (resin) and B (hardener) into a small silicone mixing cup . Mix the 2 components thoroughly in one direction with a wooden spatula or stick. Let stand for several minutes before pouring. This creates fewer air bubbles.
> Do you use the UV Resin ? This is already ready-made and therefore does not need to be mixed. Spray the resin directly from the bottle into the mold.

Step 2: Fill the mold 1/3 full.
We are now going to fill the mold 1/3 full to create a bottom. A few minutes after pouring, run a burner (e.g. lighter) over the resin mixture to burst any air bubbles.
> Do you use the Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin? After pouring, let the resin rest for about 12 hours and then proceed to step 3.
> Do you use the UV Resin? Then let the resin harden for a few minutes under a UV Epoxy LED Lamp or in the direct sun and then you can go straight to step 3.

Step 3: Add decoration. The resin has now hardened slightly, so that the flower does not sink to the bottom, but ends up nicely in the middle of the mold. Carefully place the flower in the mold with the right side facing forward. So think about how your jewelry will come out of the mold before you place the flower in it.

Step 4: Drain.
Carefully add a small amount of resin on top of the flower to fill the mold. Make sure there is a small bulge of resin in the mold. The resin shrinks a little during curing and this will give you the best result. Run a blowtorch over the resin mixture again to pop any bubbles.

Step 5: Curing.
Allow the resin to dry thoroughly according to the instructions. The Epoxy resin 1:1 must dry for at least 24 hours. The jewelry UV resin must harden for at least a few minutes under strong UV light (in the sun or under a jewelry UV LED lamp).
Do not touch your jewelry during the hardening period, otherwise fingerprints may appear on it. Carefully feel with a skewer to see if your jewelry is hard.

Step 6: Finishing.
The mold we use already has a hole in it. Is this not included in the mold you are using? Then drill a hole in your jewelry with a hand drill or an electric hand drill . Immediately attach a metal ring to this or screw in a screw eye. ItsOkay has all these materials, feel free to look around the webshop.

Use pliers or scissors to cut away any rough edges and smooth the edges with fine-grit sandpaper. Do not sand the front as this will dull your artwork. Finish your jewelry with transparent nail polish or varnish for optimal protection.

Step 7: Attach hanger. Attach a key ring or metal ring.

It was that simple!
You have now created your own unique art with dried flowers. I love that you can go in so many directions with the wide range of silicone molds from itsOkay and my own dried flowers (or those from itsOkay). It's so easy to make and most of all super relaxing.

I hope I have inspired you, love and have fun, Jolanda.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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