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Making epoxy rings and pendants

Making jewelry and jewelery yourself with epoxy resin is a very fun activity. You can make exactly what you like and what suits you. Or you can make something new with your new outfit! And it is unique too. With epoxy it is not difficult to make your own pendant, bracelet or earrings.

Many of our customers have asked for more explanations and examples . To give you some inspiration for making resin jewelry, we have described in detail how you can make the most beautiful pendants and rings yourself.

1. How do you make epoxy hangers?

The easiest way to make resin pendants is to use ready -made pendants (open pendants) and UV Resin . Invest in some open hangers with a raised edge to catch the resin as you pour it in. The nice thing: you can make whatever you want. Immortalize a found four-leaf clover from your child, the lock of hair from a pet, the ashes of a deceased loved one or another beautiful keepsake.

Make a beautiful pendant in 6 steps!

  1. Choose a ready-made pendant such as: the open charm . As in the picture above or use your own hanger. It is important that they are deep enough to hold the resin in place until the resin has hardened. Choose a pendant that has a connecting piece of the chain already attached to it. This will save you time later, because you do not have to attach the chain to a connecting piece. You also don't have to drill a hole through which the chain will have to pass. This saves you work and time.
  2. For this example we will use the UV Resin that has already been mixed. The UV Resin dries in a few minutes using UV light. That is the most suitable resin for small jewelry and pendants such as in this example. Because you often make multiple layers, you do not want to wait 24/48 hours each time, as with other types of resin. Allow your resin to dry according to the instructions.
  3. Do you want to give your creation something extra? Then choose epoxy dye pigment or add some glitter to your resin mixture to give your jewelry a unique color and dimension.
  4. Place the various open charms such as the example picture above on a transparent plastic sheet and glue the edges so that it is properly secured.
  5. Spray the UV Resin directly from the bottle into the empty hanger. Be careful not to pour too much into the empty hanger as you don't want it to overflow and make a mess. It often happens too fast. What you better do is spray a little resin into a silicone mixing cup and then add a little to the pendant with a skewer or spatula.
  6. Fill the pendant halfway and let it harden a bit. This is fastest with a UV lamp.
  7. Add an object (such as shells, hair, dried flower etc) and add the rest of resin so that the pendant is completely filled.
  8. Once hardened, you can attach a beautiful chain from your collection or a beautiful waxed thread to the pendant.

    After this you can start thinking about what your next jewelry creations will be. See some examples below for inspiration.

    2. How do you make rings from epoxy?

    Ready for the next creation? If you want to take the next step in resin jewelry making, you can start making your own rings. A handy silicone mold for rings in 8 sizes is available for this: there is always one that fits and you can also make fun and unique rings for other people.

    You can make a unique ring from Epoxy as follows:

    1. For rings you can use the Epoxy 1:1 from itsokay or the ready-made UV Resin . Do you use 2 component epoxy? Then mix the Epoxy according to the instructions on the label.
    2. Add glitter or pigment colors of your choice to the Epoxy.
    3. Slowly pour the resin mixture into the ring mold until you fill it. Carefully add your unique decorations to the mold with pliers or tweezers.
    4. If you use the UV Resin , let it harden properly in direct sunlight or under an Epoxy UV lamp. If you use the 2-component Epoxy, let it harden for at least 24 hours on a level surface, otherwise your creations will be crooked.
    5. When the resin has completely hardened, you can carefully remove the ring from the mold. Cut away rough edges with scissors or pliers. File off excess resin with fine sandpaper to enhance your jewelry. Never file/sand the front of your jewelry, as it will become dull. After sanding, you can go over your creation with clear nail polish. This gives your creation some extra shine or smoothes out imperfections, for example after sanding.

      3. How to dry flowers for epoxy?

      Do you add flowers you picked yourself to the Epoxy? Dry it first for the best result. If you add fresh flowers or leaves to the resin, there is a chance that the rotting process will continue in the resin, and you don't want that. There is also a good chance that the flowers/leaves will discolour.

      What is the best way to approach drying flowers?
      The easiest way is dry pressing between two heavy parts. Most people know this method from back in school, when you dried leaves in a telephone book. Carefully place the flowers or petals between tissue paper or kitchen paper in thick books or a plant press. Do you use a book? Then place a heavy object on top to draw all the moisture from the flowers.
      The drying process is complete after at least 1 week. The flowers are flat. If you want to keep the flowers in shape, you can use silica gel or bird sand. This does take a little more time and is also a bit more expensive. You can reuse the gel or sand.

      Dried Small Flowers

      Of course you can also buy them: dried small flowers .

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