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Make and sell your own epoxy earrings

In this manual, Jessica teaches you how to make beautiful earrings yourself with epoxy resin. Jessica makes earrings and other jewelry and sells them online via Instagram, Etsy and at markets.

My name is Jessica, 43 years old and mother of 3 teenagers. I regularly saw advertisements from itsOkay on social media about making jewelry. This inspired me to make fun earrings and keychains together with my daughter. I have been working on this for a long time now and am successfully selling many of the things I have made. In this manual I will take you through the process of making earrings that you can resell or simply keep for yourself. You can make anything with epoxy and silicone molds. itsOkay has more than 200 molds!

Supplies needed to make earrings

- Epoxy resin 1:1 or UV Resin
- Silicone Mold 16 pendants or choose another mould: rings, earrings, etc. See all molds here: silicone molds
- Epoxy pigment . In this example I chose the mother of pearl color
- Earring hooks , rings and jewelry pliers .
- Gloves
- Mixing spatulas and cocktail sticks

Also useful:
- Hand drill , mixing cups , lighter or heat tool
- Kitchen paper and cotton swabs to prevent spills and clothing that can get dirty
- A well-ventilated work area

Make and sell your own epoxy earrings

Introduction Jessica

After seeing advertisements for itsOkay in 2024, I ordered 2 starter packs. The Keychain Making Starter Kit and the Jewelry Making Starter Kit . Nice complete packages with manual so I could get started quickly. Eventually I was working on it every day!
I made epoxy keychains for everyone I loved and quickly expanded to making earrings. Before I knew it I had a whole stock of earrings and for fun I sold them to friends and acquaintances for a few euros. This gave rise to the idea of ​​doing more with it.
I then started making more to sell. Sometimes I make something myself and sell it. Sometimes at the request of customers via social media. The name of my company actually says it all: ' Joy of Resin Art '. I enjoy designing, making jewelry and selling jewelry. Hopefully I can inspire others like you to create something beautiful and make others happy with you.

Sell ​​homemade jewelry online

I learned through epoxy manuals and YouTube. Soon I was selling more and more through my Instagram. I now even have several regular customers! I'm happy that customers come back. This means that I make people happy with my self-made jewelry.

The limit at which you can earn additional income tax-free is €8,450 (2024). It is therefore not necessary to register as an entrepreneur and sell your own jewelry, provided you stay below this amount. You do not have to register your company and you do not have to pay tax or VAT.
In the beginning I advertised on social media and posted a lot of things I made here. After this, I had flyers and business cards made and added them to every order (for example,drukwerkdeal.nl). That's how I got into it a bit.
I also attended webinars on marketing and advertising and started thinking about my brand, packaging and shipping. After this I invested in an Epoxy sticker printer to be able to personalize my creations. You can use this to print texts and images professionally.

After this I started working on my own webshop . Nowadays this can be done quite easily via Shopify, for example. I still enjoy doing this and the inspiration keeps coming, so hopefully I can continue to do this a lot. I am grateful for the opportunities I get, such as writing manuals for itsOkay. I hope to be able to inspire others with this as well. If you have any questions about making jewelry or starting your own business, please email info@itsokay.nl and they will be happy to help you.

Making earrings step 1: Preparation

In this example I am going to make earrings myself. Basically, making other jewelry works the same. Of course you can make whatever you want! itsOkay has silicone molds for earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.

  • Make sure your workplace is tidy and tidy. For your own safety, work with gloves and in a well-ventilated area (window open).
  • I always clean my molds with double-sided tape or rinse them with lukewarm water to ensure that there is no dust or other dirt.
  • Prepare everything you will use: epoxy, silicone molds, colorants, cups and mixing spatulas. Make sure you work on a level surface. Otherwise you run the risk of the epoxy running to one side.

For an average earring/pendant, in this example (with this mold) I use approximately 2 grams of epoxy casting resin. This depends on the size and shape of your mold.

Making earrings step 2: Mixing and coloring

In this example I am working with the Epoxy casting resin 1:1 from ItsOkay. This resin is not ready-made, so I have to mix it in the right proportion first. It is important that you maintain the correct ratio, so weigh carefully on, for example, a kitchen scale or the scale available from itsOkay. After this, you need to carefully stir the epoxy for about 3 minutes.

Perhaps a useful tip: air bubbles will form during mixing. A good method to avoid this is: mix very slowly, let the mixture stand for a while, heat the mixture briefly (in your hands or on the radiator) or use a heat gun or lighter. Do this carefully otherwise you will damage the mold.

I am going to use different colors of Mother of Pearl pigments for the first batch: mother of pearl white. I mix each of the colors in a separate cup in advance, so that I can work easily and smoothly. I don't use many of these pigments in my creations. They color easily and beautifully, but it also depends a bit on your preference.


Making earrings step 3: Casting

When working with different colors, you must smoothly pour the colors one after the other. I do not pour directly from the cup, but use the spatula to drip the mixture into it, so you can better estimate how much you can add and prevent a large amount from suddenly running out of your cup. These fine molds require very precise work, which is why 'dripping them in' will produce a better result. You can also use pipettes . I start with the 'inside' of the flower, the pearly white.


Immediately after this first color, I pour the next color. I puncture visible air bubbles with a cocktail stick.


As mentioned, in this example I work with the 1:1 Epoxy casting resin from ItsOkay. This resin must harden for 24 hours before you can remove your creations from the mold. You can also easily make these earrings with the ready-made UV Resin from ItsOkay. You can then let the earrings dry within a few minutes in direct sunlight or with an Epoxy UV LED lamp .

Making earrings step 4: Making and finishing earrings

After 24 hours, your earrings have hardened enough to start working with them. Remove everything from the mold and trim any protrusions with scissors or a knife.


There are already holes in most shapes, but sometimes you want to put them together a little differently. If you are missing a hole, make them yourself with one hand drill . One silicone mold that I use already has a hole provided for attaching the rings, the other does not, so I make a hole myself.


I have a lot of material and choose 8 mm rings that are certainly large enough to also attach the ear hook/ear stud.

The round nose pliers and combination pliers (round and flat jaws) are ideal for opening the rings. Open the ring as shown in the photo, which is also the easiest to close properly again without deforming the ring. You also attach the ear hook/ear stud to the ring.

Of rings and ear hooks you can now put together your earrings. It's a bit of a hassle with all the rings, especially if you connect two elements. A slightly larger ring (8 mm+) can help so that they have a little more space and dangle better.


Additional inspiration:

I used the Mother of Pearl Pigments for these models. These are the colors: pearl white, orange, magenta and light blue, along with the gold flakes (itsOkay).

epoxy earrings

I also mix the gold flakes with the resin. First I pour this and finally a 'wipe' of light blue here and there.


You can make or sell these beautiful earrings for yourself. Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you found it helpful. Love Jessica

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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