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Make your own beads from epoxy resin

In this manual you will learn how to make your own beads. You can easily make beads in all the colors you want and then turn them into jewelry.

Hi, nice that you read this manual! My name is Karin and since the end of 2020 I started making things with epoxy resin such as buttons, beads and more. You can go in any direction with epoxy resin and it is of course great fun to wear something that matches your outfit perfectly!

In this manual you can read my tips and tricks about making your own beads. You can read all about that on my blog karinkay.nl .

make your own beads from epoxy resin casting resin

Supplies needed for making beads:


Silicone molds beads

The bead making molds all contain six beads. Do you want to make many beads that look the same? Then it is better to use several molds at the same time, because it is difficult to recreate exactly the same one.

There are molds for round, square or flat beads. In terms of size you can choose from 12 or 16 mm. In my project I only used the round, and then both 12 and 16 mm. In the middle of the mold there is a 'stick' that creates the opening in the bead. So you don't have to bother drilling a hole in the bead afterwards!

Step 1: Prepare epoxy resin

If the epoxy resin is used 1:1 , use an equal amount of liquid from each bottle and stir well. If you only make the beads you need very little resin and about 10 grams is enough. This makes it actually more convenient to use the jewelry resin, because it is already ready-made and you do not have to mix it.

Then let the resin stand for a few minutes after stirring so that the bubbles disappear. Then add your pigments to give the resin a nice color. A few drops are enough. You can now also add decorations such as glitter, but make sure it is not too big and heavy, because then the decoration will sink to one side of the bead.

Step 2: Drip the epoxy resin into the mold

It is quite a challenge to fill or drip the molds. The opening is very small, so you have to work very precisely. Especially with the smallest beads, it is quite a challenge not to make a mess. You can approach this in the following ways:

  • Pour the resin into the mold very slowly. You can easily use too much resin, causing the mold to overflow. So proceed very carefully.
  • Still experiencing flooding? Then use a mixing spatula or pipette. Carefully let the resin drip from a mixing spatula into the mold, adding continuously until the bead is full. Another way is with a pipette. Squeeze the bulb of the pipette, then insert it into the resin. Then release the ball again, so that the pipette is filled with resin. First check that there are no air bubbles, and then squeeze the pipette back into the mold.
mixing epoxy casting resin with pigments

Make sure the mold is not too full, as this will clog the bead hole. Normally you can pop the bubbles with a lighter or heat tool, but because the top of the mold is so small, this won't bother you much.

Step 3: Wait

And now comes the hard part: waiting! With the jewelry resin you wait between 10 to 45 minutes, depending on how sunny it is. With the mixed resin it takes about 24 hours before you can remove them from the mold.

Step 4: Remove beads from the mold

Once the beads have hardened, you can finally remove them from the mold! It can be difficult to remove them from the mold because the opening is so small. Therefore, press against the bottom of the bead so that the mold turns inside out. If there is a little too much resin at the top of the bead, you can carefully remove it with a knife.

silicone mold beads

Step 5: Making jewelry

You can now put the beads together into a unique piece of jewelry. You can string them together or tie them to a string for a bracelet or wax cord necklace . You can also use a large bead as a pendant, as I did. With earring hooks you can also make nice hanging earrings with one or more beads. In short: you can really go in any direction with your beads to make nice homemade jewelry!

beads made of epoxy resin

I hope you found this guide helpful. I wish everyone lots of crafting fun.

Love, Karin

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