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Make your own necklace pendant with flowers

In this manual, Claire will explain to you step by step how you can make your own pendant with epoxy resin. In this example she makes them with dried flowers and shells. You can make jewelry yourself with epoxy resin, entirely according to your own taste.

Welcome! My name is Claire, married and mother of an 18 year old daughter. I have been very active in making my own necklace pendants for over a year now. I use the supplies and epoxy resin from ItsOkay for this. I once started with a starter kit and a bottle of UV epoxy resin. I find it very useful to be able to order everything for your hobby from a webshop.

I enjoy working with real flowers the most and I regularly dry flowers from my own garden. My hobby has now spread to my mother and daughter. We have fun crafting together. Every day we wear our own made necklaces, where I stand in front of my own collection and select one that best matches the color of clothing I am wearing and it also generates many nice reactions at work.

What do you need?


Step 1: The preparation

First I always start with a 'test pendant'. What do I want to use, what color composition, do I want to use mosaics or flowers and what fits best in which pendant.

itsOkay has open charms that you can cast yourself, but also various metal pendants with beautiful shapes that you can cast yourself. In this example I am using the bag of metal hangers .

I work with the UV epoxy resin , because this resin works very easily. Because the resin is ready-made (you don't have to mix it), you spray it directly from the bottle into the pendant. You get immediate results, because this resin dries within minutes.
This type of resin dries using UV light. This means in direct sun. When it is cloudy it takes a little longer. So not inside or in front of a window. So don't make your jewelry outside, but inside. Otherwise you run the risk of it drying too quickly.

Example 1: A dried flower pendant

For the pendant with the flowers I work in layers. First I want to cover the background of the pendant with a pigment color, in this case the white pigments from itsOkay .

In the mixing cup I put 2 drops of white pigment and a small amount of epoxy resin. I only need a little bit of UV epoxy resin , because the only thing that matters is that the background has a color. There are even more layers on top.

I spread the white epoxy resin over the pendant with a stirring stick and use a lighter to pop the bubbles.

After I add a little epoxy resin, it needs to dry. This epoxy resin dries using UV light. This can be done outside in the sun or under a UV lamp. I place my pendant under the UV lamp for 1 minute. I put a little bit of epoxy resin in the pendant again, this time just from the bottle because I need clear epoxy resin.
I don't let this harden because now the flowers go in. I place the flowers in the epoxy resin with tweezers. When I am satisfied, I place the pendant under the UV lamp again to dry. Let it dry again for 1 minute.

Finally, another layer of epoxy resin goes on. Some flowers are slightly thicker, so they are slightly higher than the leaves, for example. That is why the epoxy resin will be slightly higher than the edge of your pendant . When you have a nice layer over the flowers, I go over them again with the lighter to pop the bubbles.

To ensure that the epoxy resin is neatly distributed and that no small flower arrangements are sticking out, I check at eye level of my pendant to see if everything is evenly distributed.

If I am satisfied, I let it harden under the UV lamp and I often do this for a little longer. At least 2 minutes because this is the final layer and should no longer be sticky.

Example 2: A mosaic pendant with shells in a bird pattern 

First I choose a pendant in which I will make a mosaic with oyster flakes. I check whether the materials fit and which color compositions I should use and which shapes are important for, for example, the tail and the beak when I make a bird.

Because the first layer is completely covered with oyster flakes, I do not add any pigment color to the epoxy resin.

I immediately put the epoxy resin in the pendant and place the oyster flakes in it. I pop the bubbles with a lighter.

Because the epoxy resin has not yet hardened, I can still move around a bit if some pieces do not fit. They also do not have to be adjacent to each other. Of course, they can also overlap.

The pendant runs a bit diagonally due to the large eye at the top, but I solved that by placing a skewer at the bottom so that it is level. I harden it under the UV lamp . About 2 minutes.

To make the bird, I first add a layer of epoxy resin from the bottle to the pendant, distribute the epoxy resin well and the bird can be made. Try and measure with the oyster flakes to get the right proportion and to make it look like a bird of course.

When I am satisfied I let it harden under the UV lamp for about 2 minutes and the top layer can be applied. Spread well over the pendant, the epoxy resin layer will be slightly higher than the edge and again with the flame of the lighter over it and the pendant can be placed under the UV lamp. At least 2 minutes to make sure it doesn't come out sticky.

Now your hangers are ready. The possibilities and patterns are endless and above all, let your creativity loose on your creation. Below you can see the photos of the different pendants I made for this tutorial, including a set of nice hairpins and a bracelet.

I hope you found this guide useful. I wish everyone lots of crafting fun.

Love, Claire

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Leuk ik maak ook veel oorbellen en hangertjes



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