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Make wave coasters coasters with epoxy

My name is Petra from the website DoorPetra . I previously wrote a blog about how you can make your own key rings with epoxy resin. Now I have been given the opportunity to write a blog about making wave coasters. Super fun of course!

In this blog I will explain to you how you can easily make a set of 4 wave coaster coasters yourself. A wave coaster is actually one large coaster that is divided into four. So you can place it as one large coaster, but also as four small ones.

ItsOkay has two varieties of resin. To make the wave coaster I use the Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin . This is resin for large surfaces.

This epoxy consists of 2 components: A = resin and B = the hardener. You have to mix this, this is a 1 to 1 ratio so it is very easy to weigh. Place the unopened bottles of resin in a lukewarm bath of water for one minute and let the resin come to room temperature. This will soon result in fewer bubbles in the resin.

This resin is super easy to mix due to the 1:1 ratio. Always use gloves when working with epoxy resin and ensure a well-ventilated area.



Instructions for use Wave coaster coaster

Step 1: Mixing the epoxy resin

To make the wave coaster coasters you need a total of approximately 200 grams of epoxy resin. We use the Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin . This is resin for large surfaces. I'm going to mix this in a silicone mixing cup. I first weigh 100 grams of component A, the epoxy resin. Then I weigh 100 grams of component B, the epoxy hardener. The instructions for mixing can be found on the product page of this resin. When I have exactly 100 grams of both, I combine them in 1 cup.

Stir the epoxy resin well for at least 1 minute and scrape the bottom and sides to make sure everything is mixed perfectly.

Let the mixture stand for about 1-2 minutes so that the bubbles created by stirring can dissolve. Gently pouring the resin and blowing over the mixture after pouring also helps the bubbles disappear faster.

Step 2: Coloring the epoxy resin

I divide the epoxy resin into three disposable cardboard cups. I will add a different color or decoration to each cup. Once this is finished I can easily pour everything in one go.

Read the instructions for use before use. In this example I use the pigments from itsOkay. Before you can use these pigments for epoxy resin, it must be shaken well. I choose the colors: light gray, light pink and pink.

I use about 6 to 8 drops of pigments per cup of epoxy resin. The instructions for use recommend a maximum of 1-2 drops per 10 grams of resin. Then it is a matter of stirring well again. Let your resin mixture 'rest' again for 1-2 minutes before pouring.

Step 3: Add the decorations

In this example I use silver decoration flakes from itsOkay. Add as many silver flakes to the epoxy resin as you like, but be careful, a lot will quickly come out of the pot! Mix the desired amount with the epoxy resin and let this resin mixture rest for 1-2 minutes.

Step 4: Pouring

Now comes the fun part! After all that stirring and waiting, you can finally fill the wave coaster mold with the epoxy resin. In this example I start in the middle with the resin mixture of the silver flakes and the epoxy resin. After this, I pour the epoxy resin mixture with the light gray pigment on the edge. Finally, I pour the epoxy resin mixture with the light pink pigment. I finish in the outer edge with pink. Due to my enthusiasm I forgot to take a photo of every step. This was very difficult with gloves on.

After casting, I made some shapes in the epoxy resin with one of the resin art tools.

Step 5: Wait

My least favorite part… waiting. Allow the resin to harden according to the instructions on the bottle. This resin is hard in approximately 24 hours. But after 24 hours you will have a beautiful result and you can be proud of your epoxy work!

Step 6: Finishing it

I choose to finish the edges of this wave coaster with a silver paint marker . This is of course not necessary, but it does give a very nice effect.

Example 2: Black wavecoaster.

To clearly demonstrate the casting of the epoxy resin, I made another wave coaster. Here I have again divided the epoxy resin into three cups: epoxy resin with metallic white pigment (1 and 2), epoxy resin with black pigment and glitter (4) and epoxy resin with silver flakes (1). When pouring with multiple colors (or glitter) I always pour from the inside out. This gives the best effect.

Have fun making wave coasters! Would you like to see more of my creations? Then follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram, you will find me there under the name DoorPetra . If you have any questions about the wave coaster coasters or the cast resin, you can always contact Itsokay.nl customer service. Love Petra

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Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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