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Making horsehair jewelry

Do you want a beautiful and personal piece of jewelry with the hair of your own horse? Did you know that you can easily make a beautiful emotional piece of jewelry yourself? Eliza explains how to do this. Read on quick!

It's great that you are interested in this blog. First let me introduce myself: my name is Eliza. I have been crazy about horses since I was young and I still ride today. But what if you are told that your faithful friend is slowly going blind and you eventually have to let him go? At first I wanted some photos as memories. I made them then, until one of the photos of another pony gave me the idea to make key rings or jewelry with the hair. This is how the idea arose to incorporate gold decoration in combination with hair in resin, so that I can always have my faithful friend with me. Let's start!


-Tress of hair
- Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin
- I used the silicone mold for 12 pendants in this example. You can also choose the silicone mold horse horseshoe or another mold
- Keychains if you are going to make keychains
- Screw eyes , washers and pliers
- Hand drill for holes

- Kitchen paper and cotton swabs to prevent spills
- Clothing that can get dirty
- Mixing cup
- Lighter or heat tool
- Decorations such as flowers or stones
- Gloves
- Tweezers

Step 1: Preparation

First of all, I make sure that I have collected all the things I need. Make sure the hair you want to use is washed and dry. If you do not do this, your Jewelry UV resin may not harden properly or you may get dirty stains in your end result. Make sure you work indoors, otherwise the sun outside can cause your resin to harden too quickly.

Step 2: Pour a first coat

We will first pour a thin layer with the resin and the hair. If you pour in one go, the hairs can sink to the bottom.
Pour a thin layer of Jewelry UV resin into your silicone mold and add a piece of hair. Once you have poured the resin, carefully go over your creation with a burner (lighter for example) so that the air bubbles pop. Be careful when using a lighter that does not burn your horse hair.

Tip: do you use the same itsOkay mold as I do? Then there is already a hole in this shape through which you can later put a chain. However, I will make it into a keychain. If you do this too, cut the pin from the mold.


The jewelry resin dries in a few minutes using UV light. Normal resin is a bit cheaper, but it only dries within 48 hours and that is why I like to use it. You can let the jewelry resin dry if you work indoors under a UV LED light or you can place it outside for a few minutes when the sun breaks through (the resin also dries when it is cloudy).
Let your layer harden 2-3 times under the light or outside: do not turn your mold over! There is a chance that the edges will come loose and you will end up with air bubbles in your work.

Step 3: Pour the final layer

After hardening, fill your mold completely with the jewelry resin and add your decorations. And let this harden twice again.
Tip: do you add rose gold decoration metal like me? Just stir a little with a skewer and you will get some finer pieces.


Step 4: Complete curing

Now you can turn your mold over and let it harden on the other side. I usually do this about 3 or 4 times to make sure it is properly hard. Is your work still sticky? Then harden a little longer.

Step 5: Remove from the mold

Now you can take your work out of the mold and in principle you could now turn it into a key ring and then you are done. However, I still finish both sides with a thin layer of Jewelry UV resin , which I neatly spread over it with an ice cream stick so that you no longer see any imperfections. I let this harden properly again.

Step 6: Finishing

Now you can finish your creation. Make a hole in the top of the mold with a drill and screw in a screw eye. Attach a metal ring to this and attach a chain or key ring to it, for example. You can get everything at itsOkay.

Have fun crafting! I am curious about your creations. Greetings, Eliza.


Some more tips!

  • Preferably use the UV Resin from itsOkay and not the 1:1 variant. Your hair is so light that it floats and because you use some of it, some of it comes loose. You could solve this by pouring in layers, but I don't have the patience to spend 3 days doing that, so I choose the Jewelry Resin which hardens in a few minutes.
  • If the hair is very dirty, wash it several times in a row or let it soak for a while in a container with shampoo and water. I use the NAF show off shampoo, which is ideal.
  • I personally leave my finished product in front of the window for another day to make sure it is hard and not too much dust sticks to it.
  • Do not use the entire jar of metal leaf, but put a small amount in a container. If resin gets here, you will not immediately lose everything.
  • When using a lighter to pop your air bubbles, be careful not to set your horsehair on fire.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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