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Open charm with epoxy casting

In this manual I will teach you how to easily and quickly cast open begs with epoxy.

We are going to cover these open charms with epoxy and glitter. A while back I saw a photo of a piece of jewelry made with glitter and epoxy resin. Simple, yet fascinating. It looked like the glitter was floating in the jewelry. I was obsessed.

The amazing thing about making open charms with glitter is that it looks like the glitter is floating. Plus, glitter is slightly sheer and shiny, which adds an unexpected layer of beautiful detail. This is a necklace that will get you a lot of compliments when you wear it.

Before we go any further, let me say this:

I always try to write simple guides because I know life is busy. This jewelry is easy to make, but it is not quick. It takes time, but it's worth it!

After you have read this manual , you can make your own beautiful open charm pendant.


  1. Epoxy resin - I have been choosing the UV Resin epoxy for years, especially for making epoxy jewelry. A 100 gram jar is more than enough to make 10 pendants. I have about half left.
  2. Hangers with open frames or raised edges - The hangers I used were also found from itsOkay . I can't find them anywhere else on the internet. ItsOkay has a clear selection of open frame hangers. You want one that is sturdy see: making pendant jewelry .
  3. Glitter - These are included in the ' Jewelry Making Deluxe Package '.
  4. A surface for the hangers. What always gives a good result is the special tape for resin jewelry or painter's tape.
  5. Materials to protect the work area while working with the resin. Such as a garbage bag or plastic sheeting. I always use newspapers as a base or a plastic sheet.

Start by covering your workspace. Drops that you spill on furniture or the table are difficult to remove.

Are you ready.. let the fun begin!

Step 1: UV Resin

One important thing to mention: the hangers will take 24 hours to dry if you use 2 part resin. You must also mix these in the correct ratio. If you use the ready-made UV Resin from itsOkay, it dries in direct sunlight (outdoors) or indoors under a UV Epoxy LED Lamp in a few minutes.

Tip: work in a place where you no longer have to move your hangers or work on a tray or baking sheet that you can very carefully carry outside so that the epoxy can dry in the UV light of the sun.

Step 2: the hangers

I bought two packs of the various open epoxy charms from itsOkay, each containing 10 frames. For the example I used the oval and the round pendants.

Place the metal frames on a surface so that you can fill them with epoxy. I often place them on a plastic sheet and glue the edges to the sheet. For this example I glued the hangers to a piece of painter's tape: I find that easy to work with. You can also use the resin jewelry tape for pendants from itsOkay.

Tear off a piece of tape that is slightly larger than the frame. Press the frame onto the tape.

Step 3: Pour the UV Resin

Now you're getting excited...

Once all the frames are properly prepared, it is time to pour the epoxy. I say pouring, but it is best to apply the epoxy carefully with a spatula or spray directly from the bottle if you use ready-made UV Resin.

Since this is already a super long blog, I'm just going to go through the process completely for you haha.

First, add the glitter to the frame (the amount may vary depending on the looks, but we'll just start with this). After this, take the epoxy resin and add a little bit on top of the epoxy. You'll be amazed at how quickly the frame fills up. You don't want to overfill and let it spill over the edge, so work slowly and add a little bit at a time.

Use a stir stick or toothpick to spread the epoxy resin (and the glitter in it) to the edges of the frame. Add more resin until you are happy with how it looks.

Once the epoxy is poured into the frames, you may notice a few air bubbles. Use a straw and gently blow on the surface of the epoxy to pop these bubbles (the heat from your breath will pop them). Make sure that no moisture gets on the epoxy. You can also use the Bubble Blaster from itsOkay.

After about 15 minutes in direct sunlight (even when it is cloudy), the resin is hard. You can also place the pendants under the UV Epoxy LED Lamp for 30 seconds to harden. If epoxy has dripped outside the frame, you can use pliers or scissors to cut off the excess epoxy. A nice tool set is the luxury jewelry making tool set .

Step 4: Neatly finish the open charm pendants

After 15 to 30 minutes you can remove the tape or plastic sheet (I couldn't wait and pulled off the tape earlier because I was so excited).

If there is still excess epoxy around the pendants, you can remove this with one of the tools from the luxury jewelry making tool set .

Add rings to your pendants and hang them on a ready-made necklace .

That is it! It's a job but... really worth it!

This is one of my favorites . You can't tell much from the photo, but the glitter looks like it's floating in the air and deepening towards the edges. There is so much depth and brilliance in it...

The results are incredible and honestly, if you think these look good on your screen, you should see them in person... Hopefully you'll leave a comment on this blog because I'm dying to see the jewelry you'll make !

Have fun and enjoy crafting. Greetings Linda.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Hallo zou iemand voor mij een epoxy hanger kunnen maken tegen betaling ..?? Grtj Walter.



  • Hoi, De hangers hebben nu een te klein gaatje voor de ketting (oogje) maak ik dit groter of plaats ik boven in een schroef oogje? Denk dat het schroefoogje het gaatje nadert bij het plaatsen .? Of ik probeer er een touwtje door te doen maar dat slijt weer Help ? Vertel…



  • Het ziet er erg mooi uit, in jou beschrijving staat niet duidelijk dat je eerst het glitter moet strooien en daarna de hars, enkele zinnen verder schrijf, nu de hars toevoegen dus het is mij n u duidelijk eerst het glitter en dan de hars. Blijft er dan niet veel glitter plakken op het plakband?



  • Ik moet er nog mee aan de slag. Zit nog op een bijkomende bestelling te wachten. Maar het jeukt om te beginnen. Bedankt voor de heldere uitleg. Die kon ik zeker gebruiken. Groetjes !



  • Zoooo moooi ❣️ Ga morgen meteen aan de slag, voel de creaties in mij “borrelen” 👍🏻 Dankuwel voor de perfecte uitleg! Kan alleen maar “klasse” worden ❣️☺️ grtjs Monique 💐


    Monique Struver

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