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Mommy Figurine Pregnancy Making

Easily turn one of your most beautiful moments into something tangible. Namely a pregnancy statue of your pregnant 'self'! This is handy, tangible, unique & beautiful to display as a work of art.

Hey, how nice that you want to know how the mom statue is made. First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Joyce, I am 32 years old, married and mother of 2 children aged 5 and 2 and I am writing this manual for you!

About six months ago I bought a starter kit for making keychains from ItsOkay. I really enjoyed this and since then it has even become my job. I registered with the Chamber of Commerce in January 2023, because I received more and more requests from customers to make something beautiful. The mom statue in particular has been a great success and is often ordered. For more of my creations, take a look at my website Bysmithcadeaushop or my Facebook page. In this manual I will explain how the mommy statue is made. Have fun reading and making them.

What do you need for this?
- Silicone mold mommy figurine
- Premium epoxy resin 350gr (100:60)
- Quality decorations pigment powder (colors according to your own wishes)
- Gold flakes
- Ultrasound photo (laminate first)

- Disposable gloves, Disposable cups,
Stir sticks , Scales
- Old clothing/clothing protection (resin no longer comes out)
- Burner or heat tool
- Garbage bag to protect your workplace

Nice to know:
For this mommy figurine you need about 350 grams of epoxy resin.

Making the mommy statue:
Step 1:
Have all supplies ready in a clean work area. Make sure your workstation is level, otherwise the resin will flow to one side. It is useful to create your work in a place where you can leave it dust-dry for the next 48 hours. You have about 30-60 minutes to process the epoxy resin. It is dust dry after about 12 hours. I always work at my desk where I prepare everything I need, as you can see in the photo below.

Step 2:

I use the UltraEpoxy premium epoxy resin from ItsOkay. This contains a UV blocker to prevent yellowing of white or transparent epoxy resin. I'm going to mix these in transparent cups so that I can clearly see if there are still bubbles in them. Weigh 100 grams of epoxy resin and 60 grams of hardener into a cup, and repeat this in a second cup. Stir this well for 3-5 minutes. Also go well along the sides and bottom of the cup. I always set my timer on the phone for that. Never add too much hardener, otherwise there is a chance that the epoxy resin will remain soft or sticky. It is therefore very important to maintain the exact weights. The most important thing is to pour at room temperature. The recommended temperature is 15-21 degrees.

Step 3:
After stirring, I pour the epoxy resin into 3 different cups. I pour more into one than the other, because I need more of white than, for example, the brown color.

The photo shows approximately how much I use for each color. It is important that once you have mixed the colors, you can no longer see through them and that it is an even color. Stir this well for about a minute.

Step 4:
I first fill the mommy statue about half full with the white color. Then I pour all stripes into the white with the brown color. I repeat the process with the champagne color.

Once you have done this, you can use a gas burner to remove the air bubbles. Do this from a distance and carefully so that you do not burn the mold. If this happens, it will stick to the epoxy resin. Be careful not to fill the statue all the way to the brim. Once the epoxy resin has hardened a bit, we will process the gold flakes in it.

Step 5
When the first layer has almost hardened, we can continue processing the gold flakes. For this I use 65 grams of epoxy resin (A) and 39 grams of hardener (B). I pour a clear layer of epoxy resin as the last layer. As you can see in the photo, I place the gold flakes on the first bronze layer of epoxy resin. I do this so that the gold flakes don't swirl around in the final layer of clear epoxy resin. It also gives a nice effect. This way you can position the gold flakes the way you want. If you mix it in the epoxy resin, it will always flow or sink to the bottom. This also needs to harden for half a day, but I always allow at least 24 hours before removing my creations from the mold.

Step 6 (day 3)

The statue has hardened and can be removed from the mold.

Step 7
We are now going to process the ultrasound photo. I print this out on glossy photo paper. Then I place the heart on the photo and measure the size. I cut this out neatly, you may have to trim it a little, then I laminate the photo and then place the photo in the heart, which I attach with a little super glue. Then I also secure the heart in the statue with superglue, so that the photo cannot go anywhere. There are 3 small pins
in the mold to possibly attach the heart, but I do not use this in the mommy statue.

And TADAAAA, your mommy statue is ready . What do you think of the result? Hopefully you enjoyed reading the blog and will now get started on making a nice mommy statue yourself. I am very curious about your variants.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Beste Nadia, Bedankt voor je vraag. Het is erg persoonlijk waar je voor kiest. Als je 1 pigment heb uitgekozen en deze in een beker roert, kan je ook de goudvlokken in een aparte beker met epoxy roeren. Dan kan je beide bekertjes tegelijk in de siliconen mal gieten door elkaar heen of juist precies naast elkaar waardoor je echt een ‘helft/helft’ krijgt. En de laatste optie: Als je de siliconen mal giet met 1 kleur, wacht je tot deze al redelijk is uitgehard en stroperig. Zodra dit het geval is kan je handmatig de goudvlokken toevoegen op de gewenste plek. Zodra dan dit helemaal is uitgehard kan je het hierbij laten of je giet nog 1 laatste transparante laag om het helemaal af te maken. Succes! Het zijn prachtige beeldjes. Mocht je nog vragen hebben, mail ons gerust. Met vriendelijk groet, Demi Team ItsOkay


    Klantenservice ItsOkay

  • Hallo, Het is mij niet helemaal duidelijk na hoeveel uren ik dan de laag met de goudvlokken erbovenop kan gieten bij het mama beeldje? Bedankt voor jullie reactie


    Nadia Vanden Bussche

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