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Making ashes memory with epoxy resin (commemoration)

What could be better than a tangible memory of your loved one that you can make yourself? A beautiful accessory with the ashes of your loved one, forever immortalized in epoxy resin. You can now do this yourself and I will show you how step by step.

My name is Maaike Munneke-Merks and I have been making commemorative jewelry & accessories for 2 years. My company is called ' Ash in Resin '. I now receive many requests and I have already been able to make many beautiful, unique and personal memories. This varies from, for example, rings to large wind catchers.
I can write this beautiful manual for you. Because I create memories that have emotional value, I am constantly looking for the right products. Sometimes there are just too many bubbles in it, or it is too liquid or too thick to pour. I use the UltraEpoxy premium epoxy resin. The result is very nice, without air bubbles. The itsOkay molds are also easy to use and everything was sent very quickly.


Make your own ash jewelry with epoxy

How do you make an ash jewelry? 5 short steps

Step 1: Preparation

First I get everything ready. I use the Epoxy Resin UV (UltraEpoxy Premium) epoxy, because it produces the least air bubbles. Are you going to cast transparently? Then always add UV blocker to your epoxy mixture.
Because I am going to work a heart into a heart, I choose a small heart mold, for which it is extremely suitable. It is a beautiful subtle heart, which I can incorporate nicely into the larger mold.

Step 2: Making the heart from ash

We first start by making the little heart out of ash. For this you need the mold for the small cabochons. I make some epoxy resin, you don't need that much, because basically only a small drop of epoxy goes through the axle, since it is a nice little heart. After I mix the epoxy resin, I let it sit for a while so that all the bubbles can come out. Once I've let this sit for about 15 minutes, I mix the epoxy resin with the ash. Even after stirring the ash with the epoxy resin, bubbles may still emerge. I also leave this for a while so that the bubbles can come out.

Make your own ash jewelry with epoxy

After letting the epoxy resin sit for a while, I carefully place the axle into the mold. I fill it piece by piece and make sure that not too much air is added.

I let this harden for a day before I can remove it from the mold to incorporate it into the larger heart.

Step 3: Process the ash heart in the first layer

When the ash heart is ready, I can process it in a first transparent layer of epoxy resin. I leave this transparent, so that the ash heart is clearly visible and this also gives a nice 3D effect. I also mix some epoxy resin and let it rest well so that all bubbles are removed. I let this rest for about half an hour. Then I dip the ash heart through the epoxy resin before placing it in the mold. This way I prevent air bubbles from getting under the heart when I pour the transparent layer. Then I place the ash heart straight into the larger mold and pour the transparent epoxy resin over it until it is completely submerged. I also let this transparent layer harden for at least 24 hours before pouring the next layer.

Make your own ash jewelry with epoxy

Step 4: The layer with decorations

The transparent layer has now hardened for 24 hours and I can now continue with the layer with the gold flakes. For this I use gold flakes with a kind of pearly sheen. You can of course see for yourself what you like best, or use it as a 'background' layer. After mixing, I let the epoxy resin rest for a while to remove the bubbles and I use the gold flakes from 1 jar. I mix this with the epoxy resin and let it rest for a while. After about half an hour I pour this layer in and let it dry for another 24 hours.

Step 5: Demoulding

He's ready! After a few days of patience, I can finally get it out of the mold. And how beautiful it turned out! The result is beautiful, especially with the colors of the flakes. The mold has a beautiful bulge, which gives it a very beautiful 3D effect. The heart of ash is beautifully visible.

Make your own ash jewelry with epoxy

This way you have your homemade, unique and precious memory!

Tips for making ash jewelry

  • Make sure you use good protective equipment. Also for small projects.
  • If you are going to pour transparent epoxy resin (without color), you can use a UV blocker so that it remains clear and transparent for a long time. Epoxy will discolour over time, so adding an extra UV blocker is advisable.
  • Please note that ash is heavy and therefore sinks. Pay attention to this if you want to process your ashes in a certain way.
  • If you mix the ash with epoxy, many bubbles are still released. If you pour this too quickly, you will get a lot of air bubbles in your work, which makes it extra vulnerable (and also less attractive).
  • Be careful not to 'burn' your molds with a blowtorch. Too much heat can damage your mold and therefore your work.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several epoxy experts work at itsOkay, each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Contact itsOkay customer service or take a look at the Epoxy knowledge center .

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