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Make a maternity gift cloud

The birth of a child is one of the most special moments in life. With epoxy you can capture this memory forever. For example, you can use a silicone mold for the birth cloud. You can personalize this mold by, for example, adding a name, weight, length or date of birth of the baby. Super cool to make this yourself or to give as a maternity gift. Personal and unique.

My name is Silvia and I make fun and affordable gifts. You can find me on Instagram under the name Silviasjollycreations . Here you can admire my creations and order handmade items. Since November 2023 I have been making nice gifts from epoxy and wood. I made this birth cloud for the birth of a new world citizen. In this tutorial I will show you how to make this beautiful birth cloud.

Birth cloud supplies:


Step 1: Mix the epoxy

For the entire mold you need approximately 170 ml of epoxy. The intention is to cast the mold in two parts. For the first part, prepare 104 ml of epoxy (65 ml of resin and 39 ml of hardener). You weigh this on the scale so that you make exactly enough. A handy mixing schedule is included with the ItsOkay epoxy bottles. When all quantities have been properly weighed, stir the epoxy well for about 3 minutes. Run your stirring rod around the edges and bottom of the mixing bowl. Add the pigment color as desired. I added six drops because I don't want the color to overpower. Stir well again. Let the epoxy stand for about 5 minutes so that the bubbles that have been created by stirring rise to the top.

Step 2: Casting the silicone birth mold

Now pour the mold 2/3 full with the epoxy. Try to “blow” away the bubbles with the heat gun. Not too long otherwise you run the risk of the mold melting. If there are still bubbles, you can make them disappear further with a “bubble blaster”. You can also pierce the bubbles with a toothpick. Now let this all dry for +/- 12 hours.

Step 3: Personalize the birth cloud

After the epoxy has been allowed to dry for 12 hours, you can create the texts. The sticker printer is super easy to use for printing the name, date of birth, weight and time of birth. You can also opt for a paint marker . If you choose the printer, you can use the accompanying app "Phomemo" to create your own designs, choose different fonts and more. For this creation I use a transparent print roll, so that the stickers are least noticeable. The color of the birth cloud is light and bright, so the sticker will stand out beautifully! Once I have made all the texts and am satisfied with the size, I paste the printed text on the birth cloud. You can of course decide for yourself which place you like best for this. You can also choose to make the name in a different font than the other texts. This is completely personal.

Step 4: Pouring final layer of epoxy

Mix epoxy again, but this time without color. Stir well for a few minutes. Let the epoxy sit for a while so that the bubbles disappear. Then fill the rest of the silicone mold. You can then remove the air bubbles with a heat gun, bubble blaster or toothpick. I fill the mold enough to create a bulge. Epoxy shrinks a little during curing. By casting the mold a little fuller, your end result will be more beautiful.

Step 5: Drill holes

Carefully remove your work of art from the mold with patience and then drill holes with an (electric) hand drill. We drill holes in the cloud so that you can hang it up as a beautiful decoration piece. This looks great in the nursery and is also nice to give as a maternity gift. Drill three holes at the bottom of the large cloud and two holes at the top. The small clouds will hang on the large cloud, so it is important that they also have holes. For this you drill 1 hole per cloud. You can decide for yourself where to drill the holes, but in my opinion the center is the most beautiful. Then use pliers to screw the screw eyes into the holes. It's fixed, you don't have to go too far.

Step 6: The final touch

Make the chain the length you like. The chain you make on the large cloud must be the longest. Make sure you use different lengths for the small clouds. This creates a playful effect, but also ensures that the clouds do not hang against each other. When you are satisfied with the lengths and everything hangs nicely, the birth cloud is ready. If necessary, you can add a nice edge with the Posca paint markers .

I hope I was able to give you some good tips. Please send me a message via Instagram: @Silviasjollycreations or Facebook: Silvia's Jolly Creations with your homemade birth cloud. Have fun making the birth cloud. Greetings Silvia

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