Knutselen met Epoxyhars en het thema: Herfst - itsOkay

Crafting with epoxy resin and the theme: Autumn

In this manual you will find a cool idea to make the walk in the autumn forest even more fun or interactive. To make with a friend, with a (grand)child or just a moment for yourself.

The smell of the magical autumn forest, the mushrooms, the soft green moss. A wonderful and natural atmosphere to recharge, connect with nature, relax and all in a unique pendant. For these pendants you work with epoxy, potting soil/gravel/sand and leaves, moss, flowers and mushrooms in an open charm.

Hi artists, hobbyists and creatives! My name is Jessica Immen-van Ophem, 38 years old. As an artist I make many colorful things such as: paintings for indoors and outdoors, resin art geodes, pyramids and tables, art cards with beeswax, clay goddesses, dream catchers and jewelry with gemstones. You can read all about what I do and create on my website , Facebook and Instagram .

What do you need:

Step 1: Choose which resin you want to use

In this manual I give 2 options for making these super cute autumn pendants. One pendant is made with UV epoxy resin and the other with the 1 on 1 casting resin from ItsOkay.

The advantages of itsOkay UV epoxy resin are that it dries quickly (a few minutes!) under a UV LED lamp or in direct sunlight. You get results quickly and you can continue working. Your creation will be ready in about half an hour.
The advantages of the 1:1 Epoxy resin itsOkay means that you have less chance of air bubbles and therefore get a smoother and beautifully clear result. You have to wait 24-48 hours for each layer you make. My personal preference is for the 1 on 1 epoxy resin, so you do need a little more patience due to the curing process.

Step 2: Collect items

Make sure you have purchased all the supplies you need and ensure a neat and clean, dust-free workplace. The mushrooms I used are real dried mini mushrooms found in the forest! But you can also use the 'fake' mushrooms from itsOkay . Paint them a different color if you don't like white. Let it dry thoroughly. You could find the moss and green leaves outside and let them dry or buy them somewhere where this is possible.

Have you found mushrooms in the forest yourself? Brush them clean with a toothbrush and let the mushrooms dry briefly in an oven at about 60¬įC. Blot away the released moisture with kitchen paper and turn them over and let them dry again.

Step 3: Attach the open charm to the tape

Now that you have all the items in front of you, first cut a piece of about 10cm from the open begging tape and place the round charm on the adhesive part, so that the edges stick well. If this does not go well, the epoxy will flow underneath. I immediately make several pendants. You too? These open charms have a pendant that is slightly thicker/convex, so the surface is not flat. You can set it up somewhere and leave the part of the hanger sticking out. Then the charm lies flat.

Step 4: The first layer of epoxy resin (bottom)

First you make a very thin layer, but ensure that the entire bottom layer is covered with epoxy. So you don't fill it full. We build up the layers to create depth. That is why it is important to work in thin layers. Let this layer harden for 30 to 60 seconds under the UV LED lamp.

Step 5: The second layer of epoxy resin containing the autumn decorations

Press the decorations firmly into the epoxy. I had some real dried mushrooms. One was a bit thicker than the other. Make sure that the mushroom you use is not too thick, otherwise it will stick out. I made some mushrooms a little smaller by cutting off a piece. Then that problem was solved again. There is a chance that air bubbles will form during installation. You can remove these with heat or with one of the tools, for example. Place this under the UV LED lamp again for 30-60 seconds.

Step 6: Apply soil, gravel or sand

Take a cup and sprinkle some sand, soil or gravel in it. Mix some drops of epoxy resin with this. It will be a sticky paste. With one of yourtools you can add a little bit of soil, sand or gravel to the hanger. Only use a small amount so that about ¬ľ to 1/3 of the hanger is covered. Divide it neatly and then place the pendant under the UV LED lamp again for 30-60 seconds. Then fill the part above that with epoxy up to the ground part.

Step 7: Adding the moss

After this you can add a piece of moss or dried flowers to the bottom of the ground part. Then carefully dip the moss into the epoxy and place it in the right place. Again let it harden under the UV LED lamp for 30-60 seconds.

Step 8: The final layer of epoxy resin to finish your work

Now apply the final layer. You spread the epoxy all over your work. Be careful not to pour over the edges. Have you made a nice full layer? Then place the pendant under the UV LED lamp again for 30-60 seconds. Is your pendant still a bit sticky? Then let it harden a little longer. Turn the tape over when the top is hard without removing the tape and let the bottom dry thoroughly.

Then peel the tape off the hanger and place the bottom under the UV LED lamp for a while.

Step 9: Finishing

If necessary, you can finish the pendant with a sealer from itsOkay or a layer of transparent nail polish. You apply this on both sides, but first on the back, for example. Allow this layer to dry and then apply the sealer to the front of the hanger. Let this layer dry thoroughly and then your hanger is almost ready!

Grab a chain and hang your made pendant on it and now you can show off your super cute nature pendant! Have fun with it!

Do you want to make this too?
- UV Epoxy resin from itsOkay or 1:1 Epoxy resin from itsOkay
- Open begging
- Gloves
- Gemstones or stones from the forest
- Mixing cups

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Beste Marianne, Bedankt voor je reactie. Als je natuurlijk producten wilt verwerken in hars/epoxy dan is het belangrijk om er voor te zorgen dat deze gedroogd zijn. Deze deze niet goed gedroogd dan bestaat de kans dan er een rottingsproces optreedt in harde hars/epoxy. Succes ermee! Groetjes Petra, team itsOkay


    Klanten service itsOkay

  • Hallo even een vraag, kun je ook werken met verse materialen. b.v bloemen of blaadjes moet alles.eerst drogen. Alvast bedankt.



  • ūüďćBeste Lia, bedankt voor uw reactie. U kunt na het schuren er een laagje blanke nagellak op doen voor de glans. Gr, Stefanie, team itsokay


    Klantenservice Itsokay

  • Ik maak de sieraden maar hoe krijg ik dat ze aan de buiten kant de laatste exposy mooi afgewerkt zijn want het is bij mij rafelig heb het beetje opgeschuurd maar Wordt niet echt mooi graag hoor ik hoe ik dat moet doen groet lia


    Lia koolbergen

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