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Make a Resin Art Geode with Epoxy Resin in 9 steps!

A geode or druse is a hollow, or partially hollow, stone that is covered with crystals on the inside. Real geodes are very expensive. With epoxy casting resin you can easily make one yourself according to your own wishes!

Hi artists, hobbyists and creatives! My name is Jessica Immen-van Ophem, 38 years old. As an artist I make many colorful things such as: paintings for indoors and outdoors, resin art geodes, pyramids and tables, art cards with beeswax, clay goddesses, dream catchers and jewelry with gemstones. You can read all about what I do and create on my website , Facebook and Instagram .

Making geodes is a popular activity within the resin art community. And for good reason, because they are super beautiful and fun to make. You can compare them with agate disks. These are real gemstone discs that consist of band patterns in different shades. Think of the rings of a tree disk, but more irregular and in an oval shape. And have you ever seen a real amethyst geode? These are large gemstones that you can place: with a rock crystal edge and a hollow interior full of shiny purple crystals.

They are beautiful and therefore a great inspiration to make with epoxy resin, colors and glitter. How cool to make something like this yourself! Hang it on the wall or place it in a sturdy stand with your gemstone collection. I'm going to quickly show you how I made this beautiful geode. And it's even more beautiful in real life :)

What do you need:

  • A wooden plank as a base (this will be the geode)
  • Sander or sandpaper
  • Cleaning cloth and tea towel
  • Mixing cup / scales, stir sticks, gloves
  • Apron to protect your clothes or put on old clothes
  • Cups/small containers, heat tool and hair dryer
  • Spirit level or app of this
  • 1:1 Epoxy resin
  • Color pigments (Preferably metallic)
  • Sparkles
  • Gemstones
  • Paint markers for the edges, acrylic paint, concrete look paint

Step 1: Buy the supplies and a straight workplace

Make sure you have collected all the supplies you need and that you are working on a straight, stable surface. You don't want the resin to run out later. You can measure this with a spirit level or a spirit level app for a mobile phone.

Step 2: Making the base of the geode

Draw the shape of a geode according to your wishes on a sheet of plywood and cut it out. Mine is about 30x40cm in size. You will soon pour the resin on this and this will become your geode. Sand it all around. Clean it with a little water and a degreasing agent such as ammonia.

Step 3: Paint the base

Place the board on, for example, 4 cups so that it is raised off the ground. Check whether it is properly level. Then color the wooden plank with acrylic paint. The inside is white and the outside is black. The colors of epoxy resin that you will soon be pouring will stand out better on a white surface. Black makes the color darker and I wanted to darken the outer edges of this geode. Look back at the photo above of the end result if you don't quite understand it. Dry the paint with a hair dryer or let it dry for a day before continuing.

Step 4: Mixing the epoxy resin

In the previous step we sawed and painted a geode shape from wood. We are now going to mix the epoxy resin. Put on your gloves and watch out for your clothes! We are going to use the 2-component epoxy resin from itsOkay . In total approximately 250/300ml for a 40x30cm sheet of wood. Take a scale and place a mixing cup on it.
We start with the first layer. Make sure the resin is at room temperature. Weigh 40ml. So 20ml from both bottles, because this epoxy resin is a 1 to 1 ratio. Stir it well with a wooden spatula and pour it onto the top of the wood. You can spread this with the spatula or with your fingers (only if you are wearing gloves), so that the epoxy resin is covered everywhere over the wooden geode shape. Afterwards, wipe your hands on a cloth that can be thrown away. This first layer ensures that the subsequent layers of epoxy resin flow better. Run a blowtorch over the epoxy resin to pop any air bubbles.

Step 5: Add Crystals/Gemstones

Take a bag of approximately 50 grams of white gemstones/rock crystals and place it in the center of the geode. Make sure they stay nicely together.

Step 6: Making the base by color

Now mix 40ml epoxy resin with, for example, white color pigments. You pour this over and around the stones. Be careful not to drip. Is a gemstone slipping? Then place it back with a spatula. After this you make another 40ml of epoxy resin and use this to mix black pigments. Do this in a plastic disposable cup as shown in the example or in a silicone mixing cup . Pour this onto the outer edge.

Now prepare 40ml of epoxy resin with, for example, green color pigment and pour it against and around the white layer. Then another layer in a turquoise color around this again.

Step 7 Blowing the epoxy resin

Now you can blow out the layers with a hairdryer. Do this from the center outwards. This causes the colors to mix with each other. First set the hairdryer to a soft setting. Estimate for yourself how far you want to blow out the colors. After these steps, I mixed some copper-colored pigments with epoxy resin and poured it on the outside. I then blew it out again with the hair dryer. I also blew this layer to the outside. Make sure that the epoxy resin stays on the wood and that you do not blow it all off. If that happens, your hairdryer is too loud. There may be some drops of epoxy resin running down the sides. You can remove this by running your finger (do this with gloves on) or a cloth along the sides. Then run a blowtorch over all the epoxy resin again to burst any air bubbles. Let this dry for a day and then the base is ready. If you like it you can also leave it as is, but I will continue with a 2nd layer.

Step 8: Making Lines

The geode is probably already very beautiful: especially if you work with metallic pigment colors . The geode already shines beautifully in the light. Butrrrrr., I chose to add some more lines. You can do this with epoxy resin , glitter and with paint markers.

Prepare 20 ml of epoxy resin in a beaker and mix in plenty of glitter . This so that you get a slightly thicker paste. With a spatula you can remove a small amount from the cup and place it along an edge on your geode. Continue until you have made a circle. You can create as many lines and colors as you want. I added blue, copper and black lines with epoxy resin . Make small amounts of epoxy resin mixed with pigment colors and make sure the lines are thin, because it will still flow a bit. This creates thickness differences in the geode. When you're done, run a blowtorch over the resin mixture again to pop the air bubbles. After this, I made some extra thin lines with a white paint marker and glued a butterfly in the epoxy resin at the bottom right. There are no rules and just follow your instincts when making the geode. Let the geode harden for another day.

Step 9: The Back

Do you want to finish the geode neatly? Then that includes a beautiful back. I first sanded the back so that any drops of epoxy resin that may have leaked out are nicely concealed. If you sand this, it will be very dusty, so use a mouth mask. After this, clean it with soapy water and a mop. Dry it with a tea towel.

After this I mixed acrylic paint with a concrete look paint. There are some grains in it and this makes it just like a real amethyst geode. You can also mix some sand or other grains with the paint. It gives a natural effect as if it were real stone.

I painted this mixture on the back and sides with a brush. Then let it dry thoroughly and, if necessary, paint a second layer on top so that it has good coverage.

Let this dry again and then you can place a hook on the back of the geode to hang it. Or place it in a sturdy stand in a nice place in your home.

Show it!

We are of course very curious about your epoxy resin geodes! Take a selfie with your geode and post it on your socials with #creativeartbyjessica and #itsOkay. Super nice to see! Who knows, maybe you still have questions? Then reassure them. Goodluck!

Do you want to make this too?
- Epoxy resin 1:1 casting resin
- Gloves
- Mixing cup / scale
- Color pigments
- See the other supplies at the top of the blog

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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