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Make your own hygiene key rings

In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to make fun and hygienic key fobs. This way you open a door, make a payment, or use the hygiene key to ring a bell.

But before I do that I will tell you a little more about myself. I am Patricia, 38 years old and a flight attendant in daily life. I make key rings, necklace pendants, coasters and etagères. On Instagram my name is CreaPatanda . One day I want to make things from wood and epoxy, but those are still future plans. For now I'm going to show you how to make fun and safe keychains.


Not essential, but useful:

If you use the ready-made ( Jewelry UV Epoxy Resin) you will also need a UV lamp if you want to let the resin dry indoors. You can also let this resin dry outside in the sun, then the resin will harden in 15-30 minutes. The UV LED lamp is available in a small version: the Jewelry UV lamp 6 watts or the larger version, the Jewelry UV lamp 36 watts . I work with both lamps myself. Sometimes you want to harden a large surface in one go, then the larger lamp is more convenient. The small 6 watt lamp is fine for small parts. I also tried both lamps for these key rings and I have to say that they both work fine, except I had to move the small lamp a few times to get all 4 to work.

To give the creations something extra, I added some decorations myself. I chose the Luxury box with 12 decorations and the Decoration mix for jewelry . And what are keychains without glitter? I love glitter, as far as I'm concerned, glitter is always allowed. ItsOkay has a wide range of decorations and glitter , feel free to take a look.

Now that we have everything ready, we can start...

Step 1. Add colors

First we will give the Jewelry UV Epoxy Resin a color with the transparent pigments. I used small containers myself, because only about 4 grams of epoxy are needed per key ring. The quantity in the small containers was still enough for 2 contactless key fobs per color. I put 2 drops of the dye in this approximately 8 grams of epoxy and then stirred it well with a skewer. As you can see, they become nice, clear, bright colors.

Step 2. Pouring

Once the epoxy is properly colored, we pour the resin into the mold. But be careful: we only fill the mold halfway to the brim. Don't do this too quickly and don't pour too much. The epoxy must also be allowed to spread evenly over the mold. If this does not work well, use the handy tools from itsOkay to give the epoxy a helping hand. Fill all 4 molds halfway. We'll fill the other half later.

Step 3. Curing

After filling, we will harden this layer of resin under the UV lamp. It does not have to be completely hard, but just let the lamp run its course and then it will be a lot firmer.

Step 4.

Allow the first layer to harden thoroughly under a UV jewelry lamp or in direct sun according to the instructions on the bottle. After this we can start decorating. Choose nice decorations and carefully place them on the hardened resin. The reason why I harden the resin first is because otherwise the decorations will sink to the bottom and I want them in the middle of the key ring: not on one side. Use the toolset to place the decorations properly.

Step 5. Pouring the top, last layer

Once all the decorations are in place, we carefully pour the last layer of resin until the molds are completely filled. Let the final layer harden again under a UV jewelry lamp or in the direct sun according to the instructions on the bottle.
If you use the UV jewelry lamp, in principle 1 session is sufficient, but I like it extra well cured, so I usually do 2 to 3 rounds and then turn the mold over to give the bottom another session. The lamp usually shines for 30-60 seconds each time you press it.

Step 6. Finishing

I was able to make another set from my amount of resin, so I was able to make 8 of about 30 grams of resin. After hardening, attach a key ring: and the contactless key ring is ready. Ready for use on door handles, doorbells, elevator buttons, etc.


But like I said, I'm quite a fan of glitter. So I also made a set of contactless key rings with glitter. I mixed glitter with the resin and the transparent pigments.
First I colored the resin again, use 2 or 3 drops of the transparent pigments and stir this well into the resin with a skewer.
After this I used my toolset to mix some glitter into the jars. Mix this well again with a skewer. Then fill the entire mold, you don't have to do this in parts, this mold is not very deep so the UV lamp will help with curing. UV lamp over it again, see for yourself if you think it is hard enough. As I already indicated, I would rather do it extra than too little.
Then hang the key rings on a key ring and they are ready for use again. Nice to give as a gift, handy to use yourself of course. Or to sell.

What do I think of the Jewelry UV Epoxy Resin?
With resin the possibilities are endless. What makes me particularly happy is this Jewelry UV Epoxy Resin . This resin is ready-to-use and dries quickly under a UV lamp or in direct sun. Your creation can therefore be quickly removed from the mold and quickly ready for use. I do recommend that you only make small objects or keychains with this resin. For larger quantities such as coasters, itsOkay recommends the 2-component epoxy that hardens by its own heat. But this often takes at least 24 hours, so for the quick little things I quickly reach for the Jewelry UV Epoxy Resin.

What do I think of the Resin Art Tools set (3 pieces)?
I am also very happy with the toolset. I use this for so much. To put decorations in place, to add glitter to resin, you can even stir it. As long as you keep wiping it clean, you can continue to use it non-stop.

What do I think of the Transparent Pigments?
The transparent pigments for resin really surprised me. I didn't think so little was needed to get such an intense color. Because you only need so little, the bottles last a long time and you can color a lot of resin with them. And I like the transparency, so you can still put enough decorations in and then you can still see them.

I hope this DIY explanation was clear to you, if you have any questions about the items used, ItsOkay is always quick to respond, so feel free to ask your question.

I wish you all a lot of creative fun! I have already hung my contactless key ring on my key ring and can easily open doors and press doorbells without having to touch anything with my fingers. This is also very useful for ATMs, as they are not cleaned often. Of course, this blue glitter variant also goes with me on trips abroad where I will have to press many elevator buttons: long live the contactless key fob!


Do you want to make this too? Supplies:

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Leuk om dit te lezen. Een vraag: Kun je de 2 componenten epoxy 1:1 ook gebruiken om iets doorheen te halen. Ik heb stelen met zaden die ik graag met een laagje epoxy zou willen bedekken. Doe je de epoxy in een emmer en haal je het er doorheen of giet je het erover heen, boven bijv. emmer



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