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Sell ​​Handmade Jewelry Online | 12 Practical Tips!

Making your own jewelry, selling it online and making money with it is easier than you think in 2024. Could you use some tips so that you can sell your handmade jewelry online? Or do you want to sell more? In this article we are happy to help you on your way!

This article was written by Petra from doorpetra.nl. Petra started making jewelry, coasters and other jewelry with epoxy resin 1 year ago and has now set up a successful small webshop that she runs in addition to her job in healthcare. She shows you that it doesn't have to be difficult to set this up!

Because you see it more and more often; small online businesses or shops. Via Instagram or Etsy. Nowadays it is easy to sell your handmade jewelry and you can earn nice money ! But how do you start with that? Read more!

Instagram is a very good channel to start promoting your handmade jewelry. First of all you need an Instagram account. Keep this separate from your private account because it looks more professional.
If you prefer to start an online store, these tips can certainly help you.

Tip 1: Company name and logo

Your logo and therefore company name is one of the first things that potential new customers see. That is why it is important that you choose a professional name and logo. Also make sure you have a catchy name and don't make it too difficult.
Get inspiration by looking at competitors in your industry, but make sure you are unique. For example, use your first name in combination with what you make. Such as "Lisa's Epoxy Creations".

This way you can easily create a company logo, among other things
In the past, you had to be able to use Photoshop to create a logo. Nowadays this is also very simple. Create a logo on, for example, the canva.com website. Canva is a free online tool. You can use it to create posts for your social media, presentations, flyers, videos, logos and more.
Very easy, because you can choose from thousands of templates. So you don't have to think of everything yourself! In the example below we have only changed the text! We searched for " logos " and then for " handmade ". We clicked on the example we liked and changed the text to " Lisa's Creaties, Handmade Jewelry ". You can apply this same principle to creating professional social media posts or even flyers. It can be that simple!

Tip 2: Your corporate identity

A recognizable corporate identity is very important. The corporate identity represents your identity, i.e. what you want to convey as a company or webshop. Make sure that your corporate identity suits you as a person and reflect this everywhere. This way you create a brand that people will eventually recognize.

Choose colors that match your corporate identity and reflect this in, for example, your logo. Don't use too many types of fonts: one or two is really enough. Also choose a font that is easy to read for everyone (online). Always try to imagine how something comes across to a potential online customer .

You can also use your corporate identity for business cards, flyers, but also for your website and highlights via Instagram. The most important thing here is: stick to one style. This ensures peace and quiet on your website/Instagram and appears professional.

Many customers like it when attention has been paid to the packaging of the product. There are many small online shops that sell nice gift bags and stickers cheaply. You can even choose to have your logo printed on a sticker. This way you immediately show who made it and this also comes across as professional.

Add your business card or a written card with every order. This way, your customers will always know where to find you in the future.

Tip 3: Biography and/or information page

Write a short and clear biography on your Instagram profile. This is also one of the things that potential customers read when they come to your page.

Write down what you do in your biography and keep it short. If necessary, let us know where you ship to and how your customers can pay. For example, via a DM (direct message) or payment via a payment request or tap.

Do you have a website/webshop? Include the website link in bio or info so people can click through to your site to make the purchase.

Tip 4: What kind of content do you post?

A lot of content with photos is posted especially on Instagram, but this is of course also possible via Facebook. This offers you a great opportunity to post photos of your creations so that people can admire and/or buy them!
Visual content also works better than text. The brain can process images faster. Images and videos are viewed on average 94% more often than text! So make sure you take good photos, because people cannot hold and assess your product behind their phone or computer.

Take good photos
You need a good camera to take photos. Nowadays this is possible with your own mobile phone. Make sure you take nice, sharp photos in daylight. Choose a calm background. Stick to one line here: this ensures peace and quiet on your profile and focuses attention on the product instead of the things in your background.
Do you have problems with the right light? Then you can invest in lamps or a photo studio box (20-30 euros).

Use hashtags

You can reach potential customers and increase your reach by using # (hashtags). Do you sell jewelry made with epoxy resin ? For example, use #epoxy resin #handmade #handmadejewelry. By using more hashtag keywords you also double the chances of other Instagram users viewing or maybe even purchasing your post!

Post different types of content

Be creative in what you post. You don't only have to post content about new products for sale from you. Also use it to post content about products you have already sold, or an order that is ready to be shipped. This way you show that your products are popular.
Also use Instagram to occasionally post a photo of yourself while you are working or packing. This way you make it more personal and this gives a potential customer or visitor to your profile a good feeling!

Examples of different types of content:

  • Model photo: this is a photo with, for example, an earring in the ear, a chain around the neck or a hand holding a coaster. Make sure you zoom in properly so that the focus is on the product.
  • Flatlay: a nice photo with an attractive background with your product. For example, with a coaster with a glass on it or a bracelet around a pillow. That's how it lives!
  • Video: in a short video (or reel), you can later see how you make something or which materials you use to make something.
  • Product photo: the product is central in this photo, so use as few accessories or background distractions as possible. Less = more!
  • Competition: a competition is not only fun to organize, but it can also grow your account. Give away something nice that you regularly make, provide a photo that focuses on your product and include a short slogan, such as “win promotion”.
  • Announcement of the competition: also announce the winner of the competition by means of a nice photo. For example, write the name of the winner.

Tip 5: How often do you post on social media?

Posting regularly is very important, but how often do you do that? An algorithm is active on social media that shows messages to followers and to followers of followers. How often you should post depends on the platform.

  • Instagram: a post via Instagram has a fairly long lifespan, this is due to the algorithm. On Instagram it is sufficient to post something once every three days. After this, the reach decreases and that is the perfect time for a new post.
  • Facebook: Post to Facebook once every two days. Facebook has a slightly different algorithm. The range is highest on the first day and at its lowest after three days. This makes it ideal to share a new post on the third day.
  • TikTok: TikTok only posts videos. With TikTok, there is no specific frequency to post. TikTok runs based on trends. If you use TikTok, try to post something at least two to three times.
  • Tip 1: Be unique! Take a good look at the better competitors in your industry and compare them with you. Also put yourself in the position of your target group. How can you do it differently? How can you distinguish yourself? Sell ​​something different than your competitors or make sure you offer it in a different way. Also look at which products are in demand before you start making things.
  • Tip 2: Choose quality over quantity. Don't post too much. The quality is more important. Above all, you can lose followers if you post too much that does not create value.

In addition to these posts, you can use the story function. In this function, photos or videos are often shared, for example of how your creation is made or what your workplace looks like. You can also have followers ask or answer questions or complete polls in the story function. This ensures direct interaction with your followers and potential customers.

Tip 6: Create a website?

A website without a payment function
Do you want to sell your stuff via a website in addition to your Instagram or Facebook account? Of course that's possible! You don't need any knowledge and you don't have to code. On YouTube you can find several useful videos that can help you step by step.
Nowadays you can easily create a website yourself, for example; uwweb.nl, mijnwebwinkel.nl, jimdo.nl, etc. Often you cannot sell products via these types of free websites. You can create beautiful pages there where you can show your products/stuff per theme.
You can then refer the customer to your social media account, so that they can order through you there.

An online store
If your company starts to get too big, at some point you can make the step to a 'real online store'. There are many different platforms for this nowadays. Such an online store is useful because it also automates some of your more time-consuming tasks such as processing orders, stock registration, SEO, etc. For example, you have the platforms "Shopify", "BigCommerce" or Woocommerce". You pay a fixed monthly amount to use this. This varies between 40 and 80 euros per month.

Do you want customers to be able to pay via your website with iDeal, Bancontact or another payment method? Then you need a Chamber of Commerce number and a business account. More information about the Chamber of Commerce can be found in tip 8.

Tip 7: Etsy.com

Is a website not really something for you? Too much hassle? Then take a look at Etsy.com, this is a large platform where you can easily sell homemade products. Registration is free and quick. You can see Etsy as a kind of marketplace for creative entrepreneurs. They have the platform and all you have to do is post photos of your homemade jewelry on it. In this way you can reach customers all over the world at very low costs. Etsy is widely used by itsOkay customers who sell jewelry made with epoxy resin!

Easily promote your product on Etsy
Etsy also offers the opportunity to promote your homemade jewelry. Promote products that are in high demand or that you already sell a lot yourself. Visitors to Etsy who are looking for this will see the product appear as the first search result. This is possible for just 1 euro per day! You can use a general photo like the example below that shows some jewelry (in this case keychains). A customer can then order a personalized product. This way you attract many potential customers, because you do not advertise with one specific product.

At Etsy you pay €0.20 for a product that you place in your store to sell. If you open a store now (2024), you can place the first 40 products for free! Only when you sell something do you pay 5% transaction costs on the amount. In exchange for this, you can use Etsy's platform with millions of potential customers.

Tip 8: Company registration or not?

When do you have to register as an official company? And when do you have to pay tax on your sales?

In the Netherlands we have the Chamber of Commerce (KVK). Many small entrepreneurs or shops that you see on social media have registered with the Chamber of Commerce, so that they can purchase from a wholesaler. You also need a Chamber of Commerce number to open a business account.

As a small entrepreneur or shop, you are not obliged to register here until your sales exceed a certain limit in one accounting year. In 2024 you can earn up to €8,400 tax-free in the Netherlands. For Belgium it is even €10,160. This can be done by selling jewelry and other art (online) via social media. If you earn more than this amount, it is wise to register your company with the Chamber of Commerce.

There is also a special scheme for small entrepreneurs. This is called the KOR (Small Entrepreneurs Scheme). You can use this if your annual turnover does not exceed €20,000. Take advantage of this if you fall below this amount, because you do not have to pay VAT (21% of your turnover). You can read more information about this: here .

Do you want to register with the Chamber of Commerce? You can easily request this online. You choose a date and time at a Chamber of Commerce office near you. Your company will be registered together with the Chamber of Commerce employee. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce costs €51.95 once. As soon as you have registered with the Chamber of Commerce, your details will automatically be passed on to the Tax Authorities.

Tip 9: Sales prices

If you want to sell your handmade jewelry or other art, you will have to charge a good price. Not too expensive, not too cheap! By looking at your competitors you can easily estimate what you can ask for your products. Look for a seller who sells well or has an attractive Instagram / Etsy page. Then you know you're in the right place.

There are different ways to calculate your price. For example:

  • Cost of your materials + €10.00 per hour = Price A
  • Cost of the materials x 3 = Price B
  • Price A + Price B : 2 (for an average price) = Price C
  • Compare price C by looking at your fellow sellers and adjust the price if necessary.

Many sellers often keep a margin of 2 to 3 times the value of the purchase of the product. That means: you buy something for €1.50 and then you sell it to your customers for a price of between €3.00 and €4.50.

Never position yourself too low in the market. If you notice that you are not selling anything, you can always choose to lower your price, by giving a nice temporary discount to your customers or by simply being patient. Also check whether you are selling the right thing. Is there a demand for what you make? Are there other similar products or materials that are in greater demand?

Tip 10: Buy smart

When you do something fun, it always comes with a price tag. If you want to purchase smartly, you can of course use discount codes from the company you purchase from. You can always check via Google whether there is a current discount code. Some companies also offer a discount if you subscribe to their newsletter.

But how do you proceed if you have already tried all of this. What you could do is send the company an email if you have already placed five to ten orders. You will then be seen as a regular customer. You can then ask if they give a "regular customer discount". This may be a bit exciting, but every discount is something. At itsOkay this is always worth a try!

Tip 11: Quality and customer service

This is an important aspect for a small company or webshop. Always ensure that you supply good and high-quality products. Always ask yourself: "Would I use this, wear it or give it as a gift?" Always pay sufficient attention to the end product and the delivery. So that you receive as few questions or negative feedback as possible.

In addition, good customer service is also important. Make sure it is clear how the customer can reach you in case of questions. Always be kind, understanding and helpful. Give a customer honest advice. If something is broken, provide a suitable solution in consultation with the customer. This way, the customer is satisfied and may order from you again in the future.

Tip 12: Promote your products

Promotion and advertising can easily be done as mentioned earlier via Etsy or Instagram. There are numerous Dutch videos on YouTube with short and clear explanations. However, this method of promoting/advertising costs money. And that is something you often don't have at a starting shop. As you grow you can always invest in this. Because with a good advertisement on social media you attract many customers.

A collaboration with an influencer or another account can generate many new followers or sales. But how do you go about that? Take a critical look at the other account to see whether an influencer fits what you want to radiate with your webshop/company. How do you shape the collaboration? What are you going to do? And what does the other do?

With a collaboration, the receiving party receives one free product. The other account will then share that product in a fun way. Please note that both parties must benefit from this. It shouldn't be the case that you give away a free product and that you don't gain anything from it.

For example, do you enjoy writing blogs? Then you can always approach a company yourself for a collaboration. itsOkay regularly enters into new collaborations with creative blog writers. Take a look at the blog page to see what you can make with epoxy resin: jewelry, coasters, etc.!

Own experience DoorPetra.nl

I have been working with DoorPetra for almost 5 years now. I then created an Instagram account and Facebook page. At first this was just to share my creations. But friends liked this and bought the products.

By following other accounts I got more followers. My network grew slowly. I didn't start DoorPetra to have a lot of followers, but it's fun to see how the account is growing. I simply made my current website free at the end of 2022. But then few sales were made via the website, because customers could not pay directly. I registered DoorPetra with the Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of 2023. This allowed you to open a business account and use IDeal on the website.

Over the past year I have been busy advertising via Instagram. You can then choose the amount per day you want to do this for. I usually set this amount between €5-10 per day. If I have an advertisement running, I immediately see sales increase. Above all, advertising on Instagram and Facebook is not difficult.

Sometimes I do a fun competition with my own account or I am sometimes asked to participate in a large competition with other small entrepreneurs. This always ensures growth in followers.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Beste Marijke, Als ik het goed begrijp wil je de epoxy vorm/creatie lijmen aan een rvs oorsteker? Dat je een mooie oorbel krijgt, toch? In principe moet dit gewoon werken met seconde lijm, ik werk hier zelf ook vaak mee. Je hebt ook speciale sieradenlijm, maar dat is altijd nog minder sterk als seconde lijm! Dit moet wel werken! Als dit toch niet lukt, moeten we even verder zoeken waar het probleem zou kunnen liggen. Kan je ons anders even voorbeeld foto’s of video sturen via ons mail adres? Dan kunnen we beter met je meekijken en een oplossing bedenken dat dit wel gaat werken. Ik hoor het graag van je! Gr, Demi team ItsOkay


    Klantenservice ItsOkay

  • Goedemiddag. Ik maak juweeltjes in epoxy met zelfgeperste bloemetjes. Ik koop hiervoor bij jullie de epoxy. Voordien goot ik de epoxy in vormpjes (open bedeltjes) en volstond het dus om een haakje aan het vormpje te hangen. Nu heb ik echter een nieuw modelletje gemaakt met 1 van jullie mallen (een cabochon) en moet ik dus deze cabochon vastkleven aan het rvs oorstekertje dat ik ook bij jullie kocht. Dit lukte echter niet met super glue secondelijm. Ik probeerde ook al met Hasulith juwelenlijm maar ook dat bleef niet kleven. Kan u me zeggen wat ik dan best wel gebruik ? Vriendelijke groet.


    Marijke Gorissen

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