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Make an original photo gift for a loved one

In this manual , Jessica takes you through the process of making a personal gift. Do you want to give something nice, but you have no idea what you want to buy? Then surprise your loved one with an original photo gift.

My name is Jessica Immen and I have been working with epoxy for many years and use it to make paintings, jewelry, geodes, pyramids, obelisks, etagères, tea light holders and more. It's wonderful to be able to express your creativity and the possibilities are endless. My favorite shop for the materials is itsOkay. Here you will find great and good materials, molds, epoxy resin and tools to make something beautiful. You usually have it at home the next day. You can find my creations on my website , Facebook and Instagram .

How nice to surprise your loved one or someone you care about with your own unique creation! Who would you like to make something for? Who is important to you? Say it with a heart of love! My great love and best buddy is Sam. We started dating when I was 16 and this year we have been together for 24 years. Because I still love him so much, I want to make a special pendant with a heart and a photo of us together . I'll show you how I made it below.

What do you need:
- Silicone Mold Heart-shaped coaster 19x13 cm and/or silicone mold heart variant 2
- 200 ml epoxy resin
- Color pigment preferably in red.
- Letters
- A photo (always laminate it)
- Screw eyes and a chain or wire for hanging
- Possibly a few dried flowers, glitter, gemstones (see itsokay)

Also useful:
- Mixing cup / scale
- Stir sticks
- Gloves
- Apron to protect your clothes or put on old clothes
- Cups / small containers
- Heat tool

Making the photo gift

Step 1: Preparation

Think in advance what you want to make and which colors and materials you want to use in the heart. Order all your supplies and ensure a clean and straight workplace. Make sure you have a nice photo that you want to use in the heart.

Step 2: Pour soil

You have all your stuff bought and ready. Protect your hands and wear gloves. Take the heart mold and make sure it is dust-free. You can clean it by sticking tape on it.
You are going to apply the first epoxy layer. I used a total of 70 ml of the epoxy resin 1:1 . I weighed 50ml of this and put it in a mixing cup. The red color is an opaque color . Add a few drops of red and mix well with the wooden spatula.

I poured the contents of the cup into the mold on the left. See photo below.

After this I put another 20ml of epoxy in another clean cup with pink transparent drops, you can also use no color or another.

Mix everything well and pour into the right side of the heart. When the colors come together you can blow for a nice effect. This can be done with the mouth or hair dryer. This way they flow more beautifully into each other. After this I added some glitter to the transparent part. To remove the air bubbles, I went over it with a gas burner. This can also be done with a lighter. This layer must harden for 24 hours before you can continue working.

Step 3: Add materials

Now comes the best part. Prepare the materials you will use. I used a laminated photo, metal stars, glitter, dried flowers, rose quartz gemstones (stone of love) and letters. First I put the gemstones in place. Then you weigh epoxy again. This time 40 ml in total. Mix it well and pour it into the mold. You are supposed to have a thin transparent layer, because otherwise materials will float. I took the photo and placed it in the mold. Press down with the wooden spatula so that it is well covered with the epoxy. After this I added the dried flowers, stars and letters and these must also be placed properly in the epoxy.
Once everything is in place, you can burn away the air bubbles again. This layer must also harden for 24 hours. You can then draw or write something on it with paint markers. I colored the letters and a flower with a pink paint marker.

Step 4: Pouring the final layer

Now you will fill the mold with epoxy. Weigh out about 60ml, mix it well again and pour it into the mold until it is well filled and the materials are well covered. You can also burn this layer again for the air bubbles and let it harden for a day.

Step 5: Remove from the mold!

The heart is now almost ready. Remove your creation from the mold. You can sand the edges a bit if they are sharp. Then clean it thoroughly. I colored the sides with a gold paint marker (Posca). This must also dry thoroughly and then you can secure the hooks by drilling holes and screwing in the screw eyes. Place the rings and wire or chain on it so you can hang it.

I made a small matching heart myself that I hung underneath. Nice idea: If you have children or animals, you can also put photos in there and hang them under the big heart.

Step 6: Surprise your loved one!

Now that the pendant is ready, you can surprise your loved one with your unique creation! Will you let us know how it was received?

I hope I have inspired you :) Good luck and enjoy your creation! Love Jessica.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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