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Making Epoxy Keychains - Customer review

In this blog, Selena from the Mamascrapelle website explains to you step by step how you can easily make epoxy key rings. Make something personal for yourself or a loved one, it also fits in an envelope so you can also sell it via Etsy, for example!

Hi, my name is Selena and I love sharing my blogs and recipes on the websites Good Mood Mama and MamaScrapelle. I am a mom of 2 girls, work with children and have 1001 interests. For some time now I have been following people on social media who are working with epoxy resin / resin art. I think it's beautiful and I'm itching to do this myself. But contrary to what you might think, I am not very creative. Making something yourself is a big challenge for me.

I get inspiration through the ItsOkay website and can find everything I need. As my first resin art project I will be making key rings and in this blog I will explain to you how you can easily carry out this fun craft tip at home. I'm pleasantly surprised at how much fun it turned out to be.

What do you need:
- Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin (ready-made resin)
- Jewelry UV LED lamp (optional)
- Make epoxy key rings starter pack variant 2 with large mold
-Glitter (included in the keychain making set)

- Baby wipes (in case you make a mess)
- Heat gun or lighter
- Cocktail sticks
- Pliers
- Placemat
- I also use gold flakes , dried small flowers and gemstones

Make your own key rings

Step 1. Preparation

In this example we use the ready-made UV Epoxy resin , because this resin hardens within a few minutes. This is useful because we want to continue working immediately. This UV Epoxy Resin dries using UV Light. So you can let it dry outside or inside under a UV lamp . You can also choose the 1:1 Epoxy resin from itsOkay, or another brand. This resin dries hard on its own within 24-48 hours and is cheaper.

But for making these key rings I prefer to choose the ready-made UV Epoxy resin. Super easy, no mess, ready to use immediately and it dries very quickly. I unpack my keychain package, lay everything out on a placemat and make sure my youngest child has gone to bed. You can also make this together with your (grand)children, but I choose to make this alone. My eldest daughter, aged 7, helps out. She chooses the decorations with which we will decorate the key ring.

Step 2. Making the keychain

Make sure your work area is well covered and that the table/surface is level. You don't want the resin to run out of the molds or harden at an angle. On the itsOkay website I read a very clear step-by-step plan for making key rings. You will also receive this by email when you purchase this keychain set : read this carefully.

I'm going to work in layers, because otherwise decorations will sink to the bottom. I start by adding a small layer of resin to the mold. After this, I stir the bubbles out with my skewer and if I still see air bubbles, I pop them with the flame of a lighter.
After this I let the resin dry under my UV lamp . You can also let this resin dry outside in the sun. The resin hardens in a few minutes. Make sure you have a socket nearby because the lamp must remain connected to the cord. The lamp shines for 30 seconds. After 1 round of 30 seconds, the resin is already a bit hard! I add another small layer and then fill it with glitter and a flower. I pour in layers because otherwise the glitter would sink to the bottom. The fun craft tip is starting to take shape!

I put another layer of UV Epoxy resin over the glitter and the flower and then let it dry again. To be sure, I click the light three times. So three times 30 seconds of light. I still have to learn it properly, but certainty above all! Finally, I add another layer of UV Epoxy resin to the edges. There may be a slight bulge in the mold, because the resin shrinks as it hardens. I pop the air bubbles again with the flame and then let the lamp shine above them again. As a tip, I had read that you also turn the mold over and then let the bottom harden. Carefully remove the letter from the mold and let it harden for at least 24 hours if it still feels sticky. The Keychain Making Set also includes a handy hand drill! This allows you to drill a hole in the resin and attach a key ring to it. The keychains are also included in the Keychain Making Set, but you can also order them separately from itsOkay. Your fun project is ready!


  • Make sure you have a quiet environment and make sure you have everything at hand. First make the letters 1 by 1 and don't be in a hurry. I did things too hastily and made stupid mistakes, such as not paying close attention to whether there is resin everywhere in the mold. Or feel with my fingers to see if it is hard. Stupid! This way, a fingerprint will be left on your creation if the resin is not yet completely hard. Feel with a skewer to see if it is hard and remove your letter from the mold with a glove!
  • It's not difficult and the result is great and fast! Take test letters into account to help you get to know the materials. So don't immediately use your most beautiful items.
  • Make it personal by adding a piece of hair or a photo . If you choose a photo, laminate it first.
  • Work in layers as much as possible : then your end result will be more beautiful. Also for decorations such as flowers and gemstones, it is nice to first make a good hard epoxy layer. Decorations sink to the bottom and you don't want them sticking out of your key ring.
  • Water or paint is really a no go! Once this is added it will not harden properly. ItsOkay has special pigments for this to create the most beautiful colors.

Pleasantly surprised, leaves me wanting more

I am pleasantly surprised by the end result, working with these things and the ease of making something beautiful. I think this is a really good idea for a fun craft tip. You can make something personal for a loved one and it also fits in an envelope so you could even sell it. And someone also regularly carries a key ring with them. Have fun making something beautiful. Love, Selena.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Super leuk idee! Ik twijfelde al een tijdje om hiermee te beginnen, maar heb net mijn eerste bestelling geplaatst om met de kinderen leuke sleutelhangers te gaan maken voor oma.



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