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Making epoxy jewelry with children

Hello, my name is Joyce and I am a blogger on the website MamaScrapelle. We have a wedding soon and the theme is “a touch of red”. How much fun is it to make jewelry for that day with your daughter? We started working together on resin jewelry.

I saw that you could make jewelry yourself from Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin . I thought that would be a really nice idea to make our own jewelry. At the online store itsokay you have a nice package that you can get started with right away. Buy a bottle of resin and let the party begin.

Jewelry Making Starter Kit

With the jewelry making starter package from itsOkay you have a nice package to get started . The package contains 3 molds with different shapes. You can use these to make pendants. The package also includes:
- a mold for a bracelet and ring
- four different molds for earrings
- globe mould, stirrers
- spoons and pipettes
- twist drill
- screw eyes and glitter powder
- Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin

In the photo you can also see:
- a jewelry UV lamp , which allows the resin to harden even faster
- gold decorations
- dried small flowers
- I also have a mold drop earrings . Let's start!

Pendants made of resin

Isabel and I both choose a pendant. She has a round one with a large hole and I have a drop-shaped pendant. She really likes the fact that we are going to make resin jewelry together. After our choice, we pour in a little Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin . This is very easy to do by removing the top cap from the bottle. This leaves you with a small “spout” that you can easily use to pour the resin into your mold. We sprinkle some red and gold glitter on the resin.
We let the resin harden (under the jewelry UV lamp ) and then pour the remaining resin into the mold. The glitter goes in all directions and spreads over the resin. Meanwhile, I find the glitter everywhere. Not every container was closed properly, so both the box and the plastic bag it was in are covered in glitter. And my table is also full glitter . Ah yes, a kind of sparkle up your life.

Resin jewelry: not just for girls.

After the mold is completely filled with the resin, we place the mold in the sun (or under the jewelry UV lamp ). I also decide to make earrings. So I take the mold with the three drops and fill them up with resin. Isabel adds the red glitter, tapping gently on the jar.

I also put this in the sun, because in the meantime Joshua also wants to make something beautiful with the resin jewelry. His eye falls on the puzzle piece. He wants that in his bag. He looks for some nice things and I take the nail polish from the cupboard. I saw on YouTube that you can also give the resin color with nail polish.
Joshua goes for yellow and chooses some gold decorations . Awesome! Resin in, decorations on top. Add nail polish and a little resin: it gives a cool effect. With this package you can not only make resin jewelry, but also cool keychains!

UV epoxy LED lamp

We let the puzzle piece harden under the UV Epoxy LED lamp from itsOkay. You must connect this to a USB port. Fortunately, we have a power strip where you can also connect a USB. So that went quickly. I turned it on, but quickly discovered that it turns off after 45 seconds (itsOkay: the lamp burns just long enough for the resin to harden) . If you press it once, it will work for 45 seconds and if you hold the button longer, it will work for 60 seconds, so you have to stay with it for a while otherwise your resin will not harden quickly.

Homemade jewelry with resin

Isabel and Joshua really had a taste for resin jewelry, so they had to add a key ring. No sooner said than done. It's all so easy. And the cool thing is, we now have our own jewelry with “a touch of red” in it! Maybe we will also make a bracelet with red flowers. You can go in so many directions with the Jewelry Resin / UV Epoxy Resin ! In any case, we achieved our goal and ultimately made more than we intended. Two beautiful pendants, a set of earrings (I still have to buy the pendants) and three key rings.

I'm afraid we have an addiction with it. Making your own jewelry is so much fun.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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