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Make your own epoxy jewelry

How to make epoxy resin jewelry yourself? And what do you need to make jewelry yourself? We will explain exactly how you can get started yourself and what supplies you need. Our helpful tips, inspiration and explanations will make you a professional!

Hey! My name is Daniëlle. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under the name By Danni Creations . I like to be creative and am always looking for new things to learn. I have been making art and jewelry with epoxy resin for quite some time. In this manual I will teach you step by step how to make jewelry such as pendants or earrings with epoxy resin and decorations of your choice. Let's get started!

Epoxy jewelry making supplies


  • Baby wipes (in case you spill)
  • Lighter or Bubble Blaster spray
  • Placemat / old cutting mat or something similar
  • Tweezers / cocktail sticks or similar

Make your own epoxy jewelry

Step 1: The preparation

Making jewelry with epoxy resin is easier than you think! You simply pour epoxy into a silicone mold with your favorite decorations such as dried flowers, gold foil, letters or even a nice photo. itsOkay has over 300 silicone molds for you to choose from. From small molds for earrings and key rings to large molds for photo frames and even tables. It's so fun and addictive because you can make anything you want.

You can choose from two types of epoxy: ready-made UV resin and 2-component epoxy casting resin. Ready-made UV resin is most commonly used for making epoxy resin jewelry. This epoxy is particularly useful for small projects because it sets within minutes. So you're done quickly and you can quickly enjoy your jewelry. This is especially ideal for people with little patience (like myself). Ready-made UV resin hardens through direct sunlight. This means in direct sunlight or under a UV epoxy resin lamp .

Of course you can opt for a 2-component epoxy casting resin , but then you must take into account a curing time of approximately 24-48 hours. The advantage is that this epoxy is cheaper to use.

Step 2: Making Epoxy Jewelry

Because I know that this blog is certainly intended for the epoxy beginner, I keep it nice and simple. I'm going to make pendants for a necklace and one pair of earrings. I choose to work in layers for the pendants. Otherwise, decorations such as flowers or glitter may float to the top and that is of course not the intention. Therefore, pour a thin layer of epoxy into the silicone mold as a base. Make sure the epoxy is evenly distributed over the bottom.
Air bubbles can form during the casting of epoxy jewelry. That is completely normal. You can make it pop by running a blowtorch over the epoxy. However, this can damage the silicone mold. Therefore, it is better to use the Bubble Blaster spray against epoxy air bubbles.

Then it's time to add your favorite decorations to the epoxy. In this example I chose dried small flowers . You can keep it simple with larger decorations or several small decorations. Let the air bubbles burst again after pouring.

When you have finished pouring, you can let the ready-made UV epoxy harden. You can let the epoxy harden in direct sunlight or under a UV epoxy resin lamp. In this example I use the lamp. Place the lamp on top of the silicone mold and let the lamp shine for about 30 to 40 seconds. Then turn the silicone mold over and let the bottom of the silicone mold also harden.

Once the first layer of decorations has completely hardened, I add another layer of epoxy. I usually do this in two passes. Carefully pour the epoxy until a small bulge forms in the silicone mold. Epoxy shrinks due to the heat released during curing. This gives you a nice finish. If you pour the mold 'too empty' you can get sharp edges on your epoxy jewelry. Be careful not to pour over the edge.

Then I carefully pop the bubbles out or pop them with a flame. The bubble blaster spray can also work, but keep some distance to prevent the mold from overflowing after 1 spray from close range. Then the light comes on again for the same time as the first time. (Or back in the sun) Then check that your hangers have hardened properly and that you don't feel any dents when you go over them. Do you feel a dent? Do not panic! Just add another layer and repeat the steps. And so we all become experts in working with epoxy! Now it's time to remove them from the mold!

Step 3: Finishing the jewelry

Now that I have the base ready and have removed all the pendants from the mold, it is time to actually turn them into jewelry.

You are now almost done making your own epoxy jewelry. Just need to finish the epoxy jewelry! You can drill a hole in your epoxy artwork with a hand drill . Screw a metal screw into the hole and attach your jewelry to a chain/cord .

The Epoxy jewelry starter package contains everything you need to make your own jewelry. Various epoxy molds, decorations, rings, screws, chains, hand drill and the epoxy itself. You can also order the hand drill separately, of course, or perhaps you already have one.

In this example I made a set of earrings with 2 different shapes and a number of pendants. The silicone mold I used already had holes in it. That is super handy because all you have to do is attach a ring to it and then you can hang it on a chain.

Start making your own jewelry!

Making epoxy jewelry is a super fun activity that you can do alone or together. It's great to get creative with your hands and there is nothing more beautiful than making your own jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets that you can give to a good friend or wear yourself, for every day. or something unique for a party.

You can make your own jewelry of all kinds, whether you want to make a homemade bracelet , earrings , necklaces or other jewelry.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


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