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Making epoxy "Petri Art".

The beautiful petri art or "petri dish art" is made by pouring alcohol ink with epoxy casting resin into a silicone mold. Also known from "Daniel Cooper" on YouTube. The ink weaves through the epoxy resin and creates beautiful effects. It looks SO impressive! And yet it is easy to do and super fun to make!

My name is Kristel, you can find me on Instagram under the name Het Kristalier. I am married, mother of 2 boys and am a pedagogical coach with a hobby that has gotten out of hand: epoxy resin art. It is something that gives me a lot of energy and is just a lot of fun to work with. Making Petri Art in particular is one of my favorite activities. It is a technique that really becomes more and more fun with practice. It took me a few weeks before I got the hang of it.

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    Step 1: Preparation

    First of all, once you have everything ready, it is important to give your epoxy a heat bath for +- 10 minutes. This helps with mixing and makes the bubbles disappear sooner.

    Step 2: Mixing epoxy

    Mix the resin 1:1. You can choose how much you want to mix. If you mix larger quantities, you can fill more molds at once. I chose to mix 8:20. Then use your stirring stick to mix everything together thoroughly. This mixing takes at least 5 minutes. Mix gently. Then let it stand for 10 minutes so that the largest bubbles can disappear.

    Step 3: Pouring

    Now pour the epoxy into the mold. Fill the mold with 2/3 of the epoxy. The alcohol inks will fill the mold even more. It doesn't matter if there are still bubbles in the resin. Now it is again a matter of waiting until the resin has become viscous and therefore no longer very liquid. The viscosity is important for the white alcohol ink so that it cannot sink too far. There is no precise time here because it really depends on room temperature, temperature outside, etc.

    Step 4: Add ink

    I think this is the best step! You can now add the pinata ink colors. You can make it as simple or complicated as you want. 1 color, 2, etc... It's really a matter of experimenting. With a smaller mold, like the one I use, 1 drop of ink per color you use is enough. Shake the bottles well before use: about 1 minute. You can then add the drops to the epoxy resin. After this, take the bottle with the white alcohol ink. Shake this well: also at least a minute. We also call white the 'sinker' that ensures that the drops sink down. You add one drop of white per color. More is really not necessary, otherwise the ink color can drop too much and you will not create the desired effect of the petri art.

    Step 5 (optional): Add effects

    If you like, you can add even more effects. If you wish, you can stir the epoxy with a clean skewer 20-30 minutes after pouring. For example, choose a rotating movement with the skewer. It is normal for some food coloring to remain on the skewer when you remove it. You can prevent this by cleaning the skewer after use before applying the effect to the next mold.

    Step 6: finishing

    After 24 hours you can remove your works of art from the silicone mold. You can make beautiful pendants or earrings from it. You can even stick a magnet on it and make a refrigerator magnet, for example. If you are going to make a piece of jewelry, you can make a hole with a hand drill . Then you screw a hanger on it.

    End result of a beautiful Petri Art piece of jewelry

    Have fun discovering this technique!

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