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Make epoxy coasters with flower pattern

In this blog, Marjolein takes you through the process of making 3D flowers in coasters. The coasters turned out really beautiful. We hope you enjoy reading this manual.

I am Marjolein An van Velzen, 36 years old and a single mother of a son. I love art and making art. On Instagram you can find my profile under the name marjoleinan87. You'll see more snakes (pet) there than art, but I'm making more and more fun videos and photos of my art. In this blog I will teach you step by step how to create the 33 flower effect in epoxy resin, super fun to do and super beautiful, I think.

- A precision scale
- Silicone molds coasters
- Mixing cups , stirring rods , spirit level and toothpick/clay working tool
- Ultra epoxy premium epoxy
- Pinata alcohol ink of your choice
- Quality Decorations gold chunks
- Pigment pastes : supreme black and supreme white
- A hobby hair dryer, burner or Bubble blaster against air bubbles


Now we will first prepare everything and ensure that your worktop is level. Once you have done this, you will mix the epoxy resin and the hardener. Calculate or estimate approximately how much you need for the molds you have chosen. Weigh this carefully and stir thoroughly for a few minutes, also scraping the sides and bottom of your mixing bowl.

Once the resin and hardener have been mixed, leave it for half an hour and relax.
For the 3D flower effect to be successful, the resin must have thickened slightly and you can feel in your mixing cup that it is already getting quite warm. I always wait 30 minutes anyway and then I start mixing the colors.
For these "flowers" you only need to mix a little white in a separate cup, not too much, the rest of the resin remains transparent. The white you are going to make will also remain transparent, only use a small amount of white pigment, you should be able to see your stirring stick through it.

Once you have done this, put a layer of transparent epoxy resin in your molds, do not fill your molds completely, about half, because there will be white added and later a black background. Once you have the transparent resin in your molds and you have removed the bubbles, put your gold chunks in the middle.

The preliminary work has now been done, the transparent resin is in the molds with the gold chunks, the pinâta pigments were already ready and your transparent white has been created.
Now continue to gently stir your resin every few minutes and see if it quickly thickens and warms up. If it is quickly becoming thicker and warmer, you will do this in the molds. PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to rush, you will only make mistakes.

How to make flower pattern epoxy coaster?

For the first flower I first dripped pinata alcohol Ink onto the resin in the mold. You don't have to drip in a thick layer of ink: then the resin remains soft.

For this flower, use your white stirring stick to draw arcs in the resin through the ink with your white. That would look something like this:

Now you might be thinking, that doesn't look like a flower at all, it looks like a mess... but the resin does the rest of the work :)

Epoxy resin does not stand still during curing: it is constantly in motion and turns towards the center. And thus pulls the resin with the pigments along with it. You will soon see that it changes. With this "flower" we are now finished, on to the next one.

Flower effect in epoxy

In the other mold, in which you have already put the transparent resin and gold pieces, you will now pour circles with your white, from the outside in or from the inside out, it does not make any difference to your result.
Now you are going to drip your pinata alcohol ink on top, of your choice but not a thick layer.

Once you have dripped the alcohol ink on it, you can pour a second one inside your first white circle, over the alcohol ink.

And now comes the fun part, forming the petals :)

Take your toothpick or tool and, without scraping the bottom of the mold, pull through your resin from the outside edge to the center.

After you do that, it will look something like the one above. Now you are going to draw a line through the center of each petal in the same way from the center to the outer edge.

Then it will look like the photo above, you can now remove the bubbles from the resin from both flowers with the bubble blaster from ItsOkay. Now you can let the coaster rest for 24 hours.

After curing

After 24 hours, prepare another portion of epoxy resin, calculate or estimate approximately how much you will need to pour the background into your molds, with a deeply opaque black pigment. You leave your previously cured epoxy resin in the mold.
Once you have mixed the resin with the hardener, simply add your supreme black pigment paste from itsOkay, this time until it is opaque black. You don't need a lot of pigment for that, but you do need a little more than you need for your white. needed.

Pouring the last layer

Now you pour the black epoxy resin onto your previous cured layer. You now fill the mold completely. When it's done, you can remove any bubbles with your hair dryer, burner, lighter or bubble blaster and then wait another 24 hours before you can remove it from the mold to view your results.

Another new day and finally time to see the results, how nice!

Here they are, the results! I think they turned out really beautiful.

This was my first blog about making 3D flowers in epoxy with epoxy and pigment from itsOkay.
If you are going to do this, with this great Ultra Epoxy premium epoxy resin from itsOkay, also use the pigments from itsOkay. These pigments work very well with this epoxy and thus increase your chance of a successful result.

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Beste Walter, Klinkt als een gaaf project! Dit is niet zomaar even gedaan en daarom erg belangrijk dat je de juiste stappen volgt. Als je met epoxy werkt kan je heel veel verschillende effecten en technieken gebruiken, alles is dus vrijwel mogelijk. Zoals je aangeeft kan je ook figuren in de tafel creëren. Voor dit project raden wij onze Ultra Epoxy aan. Deze is zeer geschikt voor dit project, heeft een zeer hoge kwaliteit en is UV bestendig. Als de tafels buiten staan is het zeer belangrijk om een UV Blocker te gebruiken, dit is om vergeling tegen te gaan(zonlicht).Tegen luchtbellen die je kan krijgen in epoxy raad ik je onze Bubble blaster aan en/of mini gasbrander. Mocht je nog vragen hebben, mail ons gerust.


    Klantenservice ItsOkay

  • Dankjewel voor de duidelijke uitleg



  • Hallo ik heb een vraag, ik moet voor een iemand 20 terras tafels met epoxy gieten . Het zijn bestaande tafels met aan de zijkant een randje van 5 a 6 mm. Dus niet veel. De tafels zijn 1.14 m in vierkant, daar moet de zwarte epoxy in. Er komen ook wat witte wolken of figuren in. Is dit mogelijk? Kan je er een kop hete koffie of thee op zetten ? En welke soort epoxy gebruik ik daar het beste voor? Dank u 👍


    Walter de Beul

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