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Make epoxy coasters with text or photo

What looks better at a party or when you have visitors than a beautiful coaster with a name or photo? You can have them made or just buy them in the store, but a home-made one is of course much more fun. Read below how you can make your own coasters with a name or photo.

My name is Petra Laan. I have already written several blogs for itsOkay. I can be found on Instagram and Facebook under the name and website Doorpetra . Here I regularly post nice creations of my cards, baby gifts and epoxy resin jewelry and key rings.

I have been working with epoxy resin for a long time and was curious about how you can process texts/photos in two layers of 1:1 epoxy casting resin . In this blog I show you how you can process a photo or text in epoxy resin.

What do you need:


    To make beautiful coasters, I always recommend using the 1:1 epoxy casting resin from itsOkay. This resin is easy to mix, because the ratio of component A is the same as that of component B. So you pour this resin 1:1.

    For the coasters I am going to make I need about 50 grams of epoxy resin (1:1 epoxy resin). In this blog I make five different coasters so you can choose which one works best for you. We make the coasters in layers. We will first pour the first layer, after hardening we will place the photo or text on it. Only then do we fill the silicone mold.

    Step 1: The first layer of epoxy resin

    Prepare the correct amount of casting resin according to the resin instructions. I will pour the objects (photos, texts) that I am going to cast in two layers. If you cast the mold in one go, the objects will sink down.
    For the first layer we fill the mold halfway. This round coaster mold contains a total of 50 grams of epoxy resin . So I'm going to prepare 25 grams of epoxy resin . So for five coasters I prepare 125 grams of epoxy resin for the first layer. I have 25 grams per coaster. After pouring, run a blowtorch over your resin mixture to pop any bubbles. Allow the resin to harden according to the instructions.

    Step 2: Add objects/text

    Has the resin cured properly according to the instructions on the bottle? Then you can now add the texts / objects. I chose to add five different texts/objects. This is because I am curious whether these objects / texts remain beautiful between the two layers of epoxy resin. Also educational for you, the reader.

    Think carefully about how your coaster will come out of the mold before you cast a text/object. I processed the following five objects on top of the first layer of epoxy resin of the coaster:

    • 1. Laminated photo: I cut a photo of my daughter to size and laminated it. By laminating the photo you protect it against the chemical reaction of epoxy.
    • 2. Hearts written with aPosca paint marker : the red hearts are written with a red Posca marker (paint marker).
    • 3. Name written with thinposca paint marker : the name Emma is written with this. Please note that you have to write in mirror image.
    • 4. Silver mandala drawn with edding glass marker: I used this to make the silver mandala.
    • 5. Cut out vinyl text with a cutting plotter/sticker machine. You can also buy a sticker yourself, of course.

    Step 3: Mix and pour the second layer

    In the first layer we filled the mold halfway and placed an object on it or wrote text on it. Now we are going to fill the mold. This round coaster mold contains a total of 50 grams of epoxy resin . So I'm going to prepare another 25 grams of epoxy resin . For five coasters you normally prepare 125 grams of epoxy resin for this last layer . I just prepare a little more epoxy resin, just to make sure that I can fill the silicone mold to the brim later. I chose to prepare 150 grams. If I have anything left over, I always pour it into small molds.

    Fill the silicone mold to the brim with the epoxy resin. I often make sure that you just see a small bulge (as if there is just too much resin in the mold). Epoxy shrinks about 1% and this gives you the best result. If you fill the mold too little, many protruding/rough edges may appear on top.
    In the last silicone mold (number 5) I placed a cut-out vinyl text with the text 'itsOkay'. I gave the last bit of epoxy a red color with the opaque pigments and added it to this coaster.

    After pouring, run a blowtorch over your resin mixture to pop any bubbles. Allow the resin to harden according to the instructions.

    Step 4: Wait and remove from the mold

    After 24 to 48 hours you can remove these coasters made with the 1:1 epoxy casting resin from itsOkay from the molds.


    I am very satisfied with all five coasters. All coasters turned out nice and clear and contained almost no air bubbles.

    The text from the cutting plotter / sticker machine looks best in the epoxy resin coasters. Unfortunately, not everyone has a cutting plotter / sticker maker to print texts / names, but fortunately the other ways also work. ThePosca paint markers are by far the best markers for this. It also stays on the epoxy resin very well. These two coasters are still beautiful in color now (more than 2 weeks after making).

    Only the coaster with the permanent marker did not turn out quite well. This marker does not cover epoxy resin well and I would not recommend it. On the coaster with the photo there are many small air bubbles between the first layer and the photo, I should have paid more attention to this.

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed making them and they turned out pretty well! Would you like to see more of my work? Then visit www.doorpetra.nl or find me on Facebook or Instagram under the name doorpetra!

    Love Petra

    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


    • Hoi Christa, Als ik het goed begrijp wil je afbeeldingen maken in de onderzetters? Ik raad je aan om foto’s of afbeeldingen te lamineren om de kwaliteit van kleur te behouden. Epoxy kan een reactie geven op uitgeprinte foto’s zonder dat ze zijn gelamineerd. Alle onderzetters hebben dezelfde afmetingen dus je moet er voor zorgen dat de foto erin past (niet groter dan 8 cm) Groetjes Demi, team ItsOkay


      Klantenservice ItsOkay

    • Hey ik ben pas begonnen en wil deze heel graag proberen in verschillende afbeeldingen is er voor alle afbeeldingen verschillende afmetingen van de producten A en B Mvg christa


      Christa Heyvaert

    • Hoi Vera, Het makkelijkst is eerst een dun laagje in de mal te doen, dan de letters erop in een heel dun laagje epoxyhars, zodat het vast gaat zitten. En daarna het laatste gedeelte vullen. Zo bouw je het dus uit 3 lagen op en kun je de letters mooi zien. Gr. Patricia, team itsOkay.



    • Ik heb een siliconen baby gekocht voor mijn dochter haar toekomstige dochter. Ik wil graag de naam van de baby in deze zetten. Ik heb bladeren met het alfabet. Kan u mij een hint geven aub?


      Vera Clinckers

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