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DIY: Making Christmas decorations / pendants

Christmas is just around the corner and how fun is it to make your own decorations for the Christmas tree. Or hang these Christmas ornaments on a blank card and you have an original Christmas card.

My name is Daniëlle and I like to be creative with all kinds of things. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under the name By Danni Creations . I regularly share my creative excesses here.

I only started using epoxy casting resin not so long ago, but I think it's fantastic! Even though I still have to learn a lot and of course it's not all going perfectly yet 😎 One learns along the way, right?!

I made Christmas tree pendants with epoxy resin and glitter and I will briefly explain step by step how I did this.


- Epoxy casting resin
- Silicone mold Christmas pendants
- Scale , Stirring Sticks and Cups (for mixing)
- Pigments / glitters for epoxy
-Bubble blaster spray

-Damp baby wipes (in case I mess with epoxy)
- Face mask, plastic gloves and protective equipment, for example for the surface you are crafting on

Step 1: Mixing the epoxy casting resin

First you mix the epoxy casting resin . Use a scale to weigh the amount exactly. On the itsOkay website you can see the contents of the molds. This way you can easily calculate approximately how much you need.

I mix half of the epoxy casting resin of what I ultimately need for the hangers. I stir this carefully for 3-4 minutes and run my stirring stick well over the bottom and up the sides of the mixing bowl.

After mixing, choose the color or glitter and stir it in well.

Step 2: Coloring and casting the pendants

I'm going to use 2 colors for each mold. I pour the first color up to the height of the image. So that I can still see the reindeer and the Christmas tree clearly. To prevent bubbles I use bubble blaster spray! Super handy! If you don't have one, you can use a kitchen lighter to remove the bubbles by running the flame over the epoxy resin . Do this very carefully so that you do not damage the molds. Then I let it harden for a few hours so that the second layer cannot mix with the first layer after pouring.

What you can also do is cast your mold in 1 color (i.e. mix it with some pigment). After allowing it to harden for 24 hours, remove the pendant from the mold. You then fill the Christmas tree/reindeer with a different color epoxy resin or glitter. You could possibly do this with the quick-drying epoxy, just put the lamp on and your pendant is ready.

Step 3: Pouring the second layer

After about 4/5 hours of curing, I mix another half of epoxy casting resin and this time a different color of glitter. Again I mix this well and fill the mold beyond the Christmas tree/deer.

I spray a few times with the Bubble Blaster Spray to pop all the bubbles and then let it harden for 24 hours.

Step 4: Demoulding and adding ribbons

After 24 hours of hardening, the pendants are ready and you can remove them from the mold. I added some nice Christmas ribbons and the Christmas hangers are ready! I hope you have fun making your own Christmas hangers!

Christmas greetings, Danielle!

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