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Making an epoxy side table

Make your own side table with epoxy resin. In the living room, in the bedroom or in the hall. This handy table can really be used anywhere because you can make it entirely to your own taste with epoxy and your own favorite colors. In this manual, Demi shows you how to do this. Very simple and super fun to make. You can make the table so that it fits perfectly into your interior.

How nice that you are interested in making a side table! My name is Demi from DKJ_epoxydesign (Instagram) www.dkj-epoxydesign.nl. I started using epoxy resin a few years ago. And really, I fell in love immediately! What a GREAT thing to do and what pleasure I get from it. You can be so creative and play with the pigments and effects. It's addictive.

I would like to take you through the 'making a side table' project and let you take a look behind the scenes. Let's go!

Supplies needed to make epoxy side table

- Table of your choice (you can buy this at the better-known furniture stores) or silicone mold table
- Epoxy casting resin 1:1
- Stir sticks
- Pigments
- Gold leaf
- Heat hair dryer , disposable cups & silicone mixing cup

To protect the table, I place a garbage bag over the table and work on a silicone mat from itsOkay where I can place my stirring sticks if necessary. I also always have baby wipes on hand in case I make a mess. Always make sure that you ventilate your workspace well (windows open).

Making an epoxy side table step-by-step plan

Step 1: Choosing pigments and color combinations

Always ensure a clean workplace before you start. Gather your supplies and check everything again. Choose which colors you want to use and look for additional decorations if necessary. I use the metallic pigments from itsOkay here: deep black, champagne and pearl white . To give extra effect to the table, I also use gold leaf and glitter from itsOkay.

I use a little powder of each color and put it in a disposable cup . With the color Deep black, also add black glitter. I then add gold leaf by feel until the desired result is achieved. I then mix this with the Epoxy casting resin 1:1 . I use 1000 grams of epoxy for this table.

Step 2: Casting the table

Make sure you have stirred the pigments well with the epoxy resin. I do this manually with the stir sticks. Stirring immediately reduces any air bubbles. Think carefully in advance what effect you want to have or whether you will work on feeling. I can tell you one thing: it is and always will be beautiful and the result will be beautiful. For this project I follow my feelings and see how the colors flow into each other. I remove any air bubbles that come up at the end with the epoxy Bubble Blaster spray.

Step 3: Create effect

Now that the colors blend nicely, I check whether I am satisfied with this effect in the epoxy resin. In this step I check whether any adjustments need to be made. It may be necessary to add more glitter or deepen the intensity of the pigments. I fill all 4 containers again with the second load of epoxy resin and add the color Deep black. I make this even blacker by using more pigment powder. It is important to stir well again: at least a few minutes. Then we start pouring again.

Step 4: Curing

While pouring the epoxy resin you can see the colors blend nicely into each other. I thought the end result was nice enough and left it as is. You can also blow over the epoxy resin with a heat gun . This ensures that the colors blend nicely and the pattern is 'broken'. Use your imagination and choose which method works best for you.
The epoxy resin must now harden, because there is 1000 grams in such a table and it is a large surface, I make sure that the table is level. Of course, you don't want the epoxy resin to not be properly distributed. To be on the safe side, I let the table harden for at least 48 hours before checking whether it has hardened properly. In the meantime, do not touch the surface with your fingers.

Step 5: Decoration and home styling

YES YES! Wow, what a beautiful table it turned out to be. The gold/black color combination really goes together very well. You can also combine these colors well with other colors in your home. As a final 'extra' option, you can choose to paint the inner edge of the table. I wanted to keep this table that way, but I did this with another table. You can use these handy side tables as a bedside table, wine table, make-up table or as a nice side table with a cool plant on it!

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several epoxy experts work at itsOkay, each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Contact itsOkay customer service or take a look at the Epoxy knowledge center .


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