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Make your own earrings (heart-shaped)

Learn to make beautiful earrings yourself with epoxy. Add your favorite decorations to create unique earrings. In this example, Karin shows you how to make heart-shaped earrings, but you can choose a mold of your choice

My name is Karin and I have been making my own epoxy earrings for about a year. Besides making jewelry with epoxy, I really enjoy making my own clothes. You can find and read everything about it on my website www.karinkay.nl .

I always enjoy making matching jewelry for a special occasion. Round and heart-shaped epoxy earrings fit perfectly here, because you have so many options in terms of shape, color and decorations.
With this blog I want to give you inspiration for the different types of earrings that you can make yourself with epoxy.

Supplies needed to make earrings:

- Silicone mold for earrings or other molds from itsOkay
- 1:1 Epoxy resin or UV Resin
- Color pigments (Transparent, Mother of Pearl and Opaque)
- Mixing spatulas and cocktail sticks
- Mixing cups , lighter or heat tool, gloves
- Kitchen paper/baby wipes and cotton swabs to prevent spills
- A well-ventilated workspace and, if necessary, a face mask

Making your own earrings tutorial

Now follows a brief explanation of how to mix the resin with the pigments and how to make earrings. Below I show a brief explanation of the results for each pigment color.

How to make epoxy for earrings?

You can choose from different types of epoxy casting resin to make art and jewelry. For example, you have ready-made UV Resin, but also epoxy that you have to mix.
You have to mix the 1:1 Epoxy casting resin yourself and it is relatively cheaper, but it must dry for 24 hours before you can continue. UV Resin dries in a few minutes, but is more expensive. In this example I choose the 1:1 Epoxy casting resin.

1. First you mix a small amount of 1:1 Epoxy casting resin in a mixing cup , approximately 25 grams of hardener and epoxy resin: depending on how many earrings you want to make.
2. Shake the pigments well so that the color and liquid mix well. Add a few drops of pigment color to the mixing cup and stir very well. Start with a few drops and check if it has the right color after stirring. Otherwise, add another drop and repeat the process until you are happy with your color. You add this to the mold of your choice.
3 . Allow to harden for 24/48 hours on a level surface.
4. Some molds already have holes in them, but if there isn't a hole yet, drill it in with a hand drill , for example. You can also screw in a screw eye and attach a ring to it. After this, attach the earring to it.

Earrings with transparent pigment

For these pendants I used the transparent pigments . The colours: carmine/red and a beautiful shade of purple. You make the dangling earrings by drilling another hole at the bottom of the small heart with a hand drill. For the thicker hearts I drilled a hole from the top for a screw eye. The hand drill is therefore highly recommended if you are going to make jewelry yourself.

Earrings with mother-of-pearl pigment

The mother-of-pearl pigments contain many red/pink shades. I made the earrings with large rings with a few drops of white mother-of-pearl pigment in combination with pink glitter. These will also sparkle beautifully in the sun or during dinner.

Earrings with opaque pigment

In this set I used opaque pigments in the colors red, blue and black. I added some extra glitter to the red one. I made the dark blue color by mixing the blue shade with a little black. This way you can make many colors darker or slightly different.

You can also write texts or shapes on epoxy resin. I made the faces on the red hearts with the posca paint maker . These are the best quality markers for epoxy. You can also do this with a little acrylic paint and a brush, but with a marker it is a bit more precise. itsOkay has perfect markers for this for sale on the website, see: posca paint markers .


    Don't have a mold in the shape of a heart yet? Yet you can still go in many different directions with, for example, a Valentine's Day theme. Pink and red shades quickly fit in with Valentine's Day, but the glitter with hearts also fits in very well!

    I hope that with this tutorial I have inspired you to make your own earrings!

    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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