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DIY: Make a heart with a photo on a stand

What could be more fun than surprising a loved one with a homemade creation? Make this nice standing heart for your loved one or make a special memory heart for a loved one.

In this manual, Desiree takes you step by step how she made both hearts herself with our products.

My name is Desiree Seijnaeve , I have been hobbying with epoxy resin for six months now. It started with letter key rings. I enjoyed it so much that I started making more and bigger projects. The possibilities are endless so I can always make different creations. For all materials I recommend ItsOkay , they have good quality molds, epoxy resin, dried flowers... basically everything you need. The items are delivered very quickly.
At the time of writing, it is now almost February 14 (Valentine's Day). The day of love!
This is a nice moment to make something beautiful for your loved one and loved ones. But of course you can always make this photo heart!

What do you need:
- Silicone epoxy mold heart photo frame
- 380 ml epoxy
- UV blocker if you pour transparent (without color)
- Color pigment as desired
- A photo (always laminate it)
- Possibly a few dried flowers, glitter, gemstones (see itsokay)

Also useful:
- Mixing cup / scales, stir sticks, gloves, tweezers, heat tool
- Apron to protect your clothes or put on old clothes

Making the heart on stand:

Step 1: Preparation

Think in advance about what you are going to make and what you will need.
Order in advance what you don't have yet.
Make sure the place where the molds are placed is level.
Cut and laminate the photo as desired.

Step 2: The first layer
Everything is ready and dust-free: you have your face protection on, gloves on and your work surface protected. Let's start!

For the first layer I prepare 100ml, transparent, epoxy resin 1:1 . Here I add a little bit Add UV blocker so that the heart remains nice and white and does not yellow after a number of years. I stir this for more than 3 minutes with a silicone stirring stick. This is all in the heart. There is a thin layer in the heart, I remove the air bubbles with the heat tool. Then allow to dry for at least 12 hours (complete hardening takes at least 24 hours). With this layer I pour a layer so that nothing will end up in the first piece.

Step 3: Layer 2
The first layer is dry, so now comes the fun creative part, where you can go wild with the photo, dried flowers, stickers, etc. I use 80ml epoxy resin 1:1 . I want this layer to be thin so that the dried flowers stay close to the photo, otherwise they will float.
I finished the photo heart in gold with a water-based acrylic marker. If everything is in order, I burn away the air bubbles with a heat tool. Do this carefully and not for too long so as not to damage your project and the mold. I have to wait another 12/24 hours to continue.

Step 4: Layer 3 and the Stand
For the transparent heart I used 200ml epoxy resin 1:1 .
I added the glitter to this and filled the heart and stand. This way no glitter ends up in the photo.
I added pearlescent red pigment to the red heart, so that the part behind the photo is nice and red.
For the stand I added silver/black pigment.

Step 5: Remove from the mold
This moment is so exciting, I put the photos upside down, so a very nice moment, for myself as a maker.
Before demoulding, the epoxy must be properly hardened, so I wait at least 24 hours.
I file the sharp edges and clean them thoroughly afterwards to remove the dull color.

Step 6: Surprise your loved one!
Now that this personal gift is finished, you can surprise your loved one! You'll definitely like this! I'm curious to see how your creation will turn out. Hopefully I have given you some ideas, have fun and good luck making your photo heart on stand! Also check out my other creative projects on Instagram or Tiktok Love Desiree!

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Beste Karin, Het is dan totaal 100ml epoxyhars. Dus 50ml om 50ml. Gr. Patricia, team itsOkay.


    Patricia itsOkay

  • Beste Diana, We hebben geen boek, bij al onze bestellingen krijg je flyers geleverd als handleidingen en onze blogs zijn ook goede handleidingen. Gr Patricia, team itsOkay


    Patricia itsOkay

  • Heel mooi! Als je zegt ik meng 100ml is het dan in totaal 100ml of van elk 100ml dus in totaal 200ml?



  • Goedenavond Hebben jullie een boek met allemaal handleidingen Met wat je allemaal ken maaken


    Diana Van laarhoven

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