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DIY: making hair clips with epoxy

Making your own jewelry with UV Resin epoxy is fun! Make your own hair clips with your own unique decorations with this set (hair clips + silicone mold) . Children love it, and of course it is also very suitable for adults.

What do our customers think? 1# Nicky B.

A few weeks ago I ordered my first set for making jewelry with epoxy resin from itsOkay. I ordered some more stuff to make it easier to work and recently the time had come: I could start pouring for the first time!

Last week itsOkay asked me if I wanted to test a fairly new set for them: hairpins ! My 5 year old daughter is a mini hairpin freak, so of course I wanted to do that! I gathered all my things, selected together with the daughter what we would use and we got to work!

I don't have much experience with resin casting yet, so it was a bit of a search, but luckily itsOkay had sent me some links with some tips. And we don't mind experimenting at all!

I poured some UV Resin into a jar and added some glitter, mixed briefly and then poured the resin into the silicone mold. It's handy that you can cast 3 at the same time! I then let the resin harden under a jewelry UV lamp . While my daughter is looking for the stars and fruits that she would like on her pins, I pour a drop of resin into an unused mold, which I then use to fix the figures a bit. After applying the figures (very useful if you use tweezers and a skewer), I apply another layer of resin. You have to be careful not to use too much resin, because then the opening of the pin in the middle will close (I did this with the first pin I tried to finish).

In short: very nice material to work with! Very easy to do. You do not have to mix or weigh the UV Resin epoxy resin from itsOkay. You can start like this and if you don't have a jewelry UV lamp , just make it on a very sunny day and let it dry in the sun!

What do our customers think? 2 # Sheila G.

My 7 year old daughter wanted sweets on her hair clip . And they were also allowed to stick something out, which she really enjoyed. A very thin layer of resin was added so that it remains good. She made it herself.

My other daughter is crazy about pink and glitter. Also put to work myself.

My other daughter has very beautiful blue eyes and wanted the same color on her hair clip . Not the prettiest, but the fun they had and their happy faces is what we do it for 🥰

Click here for the hair clip sets!

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