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Make your own earrings with epoxy

Earrings are always a nice part of your look. Making your own earrings is very easy. You only need a few basic parts. In this manual, Jessica explains how you can make earrings yourself with epoxy resin and pigment colors.

My name is Jessica, I am 42 years old, living in Belgium, mother of 3 children and creatively inclined. A few months ago I was at home for a long time due to a burn-out and I started making epoxy key rings and earrings as an activity.
I ordered the Epoxy starter packages from itsOkay and in the meantime, designing and creating new things with cast resin or epoxy has become a true passion .
I look for and find inspiration everywhere and I share my creations on my Instagram and Facebook account @ Joy Of Resin Art.
When I was asked to write a manual on making epoxy earrings, I was immediately very enthusiastic. I get a lot of nice reactions to my creations and I like to share my experience with you.


- UV Resin
- Silicone epoxy molds as wished. I use the silicone mold for 15 pendants variant 1 and 2
- Silicone mixing cups
- Metallic pigments powders
- Optional: a Epoxy UV LED lamp for quick hair removal of your creations
- Metal ear hooks and metal rings

Possible materials such as tongs andresin art tools , alcohol wipes and mixing spatulas.

Step-by-step plan for making epoxy earrings:

1. Preparation

- Make sure your workplace is tidy and tidy. For your own safety, work with gloves in a well-ventilated area.
- I always clean my molds with alcohol wipes to ensure that there is no dust or other dirt left.
- Prepare everything you will use, such as: resin, molds, dyes, cups and mixing spatulas.
- For an average earring/pendant, in this example (with this mold) I use approximately 5-8 grams of UV Epoxy resin, this depends on the size and shape of your mold.

2. Mix and determine color

In this example I am working with the UV Epoxy resin from ItsOkay. This resin is ready-made, so I can use it straight from the bottle. This resin hardens within a few minutes using UV light. I am going to use 3 colors of the Metallic Pigments Powders from itsOkay: Deep Black, Pearl White and gold flakes .

My experience tells me that the results are best if you also mix the gold flakes into the resin before casting. You can also place the gold flakes in the mold and then pour the other 2 colors, but then you will not get the nice, even result on both sides of your creation. I mix each of the 3 colors in a separate cup in advance, so that I can work easily and smoothly.

I am not the person who weighs up how much resin I need for a mould, I also tend - just like when cooking - to make a little more and then I can usually add a few small creations from the resin that is left. to make. So with this one I put a small amount of resin in each cup and then mix the colors. The Metallic Pigments Powders from itsOkay are supplied in a 10 gram jar. I use very little of these pigments (pinch points) in my creations, they color easily and beautifully!

3. Pour the epoxy into the mold

When working with different colors, you must smoothly pour the colors one after the other.

1. I pour the middle part of my mold here first: the resin mixed with the gold flakes. I do not pour directly from the cup, but use the spatula to drip the mixture into it, so you can better estimate how much you can add and prevent a large amount from suddenly running out of your cup.

2. Immediately after this first color, I pour the next color: the resin mixed with the Pearl White Metallic Pigments Color.

3. After this I pour the final color for these pendants: the resin mixed with the Deep Black Metallic Pigments Color.

As mentioned, I am working with the UV Epoxy resin from ItsOkay in this example. This resin is ready-made, so I can use it straight from the bottle. This resin hardens within a few minutes using UV light. I let both shapes harden for about 30 seconds under my Epoxy UV LED lamp , later I will also put them outside in the direct sun.

Before I remove the shapes from the mold, I also hold the lamp at the bottom of the mold for a while, to ensure that the bottom layer is also properly hardened when I take them out.
Now that the sun is back, I like to place my creations in the sun after 'demoulding', so that all stickiness disappears immediately (15 minutes). Stickiness is usually the result of curing that is too short. The resin simply needs to harden a little longer, preferably in the direct sun or under a good UV lamp for resin jewelry. Moreover, this is sometimes useful if you are also making other things in the meantime, then there is nothing in the way and you do not have the tendency to keep checking whether it is still sticky.

4. Finishing the earrings

The silicone mold I use already has a hole for attaching the rings, make sure you choose a ring that is large enough. The 4mm rings are too small for this, so I use 8mm.

The round nose pliers and combination pliers (round and flat jaws) are ideal for opening the rings. Open the ring as shown in the photo, which is also the easiest to close properly again without deforming the ring. You then also attach the ear hook to the ring.

If you have a silicone mold with a clear front and back and you use these ear hooks, the earrings will not turn with the 'pretty' side forward when worn. To prevent this, you can, for example, add an extra ring, this will ensure that the front also turns forward when worn (see photo), for this you can work with a 4mm ring.
In the photo below you can see that the shape at the front is rounded, which is why I chose to add an extra ring to the ear hook.

Extra inspiration

For these models I used the Metallic Pigments Colors Silver Black and Jade Green, together with the Pearl White (itsOkay).

Have fun making beautiful and unique earrings! Love, Jessica

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .


  • Hallo ik heb engelen mal gekocht bij jullie. Maar ik zou graag een gebruikaanwijzing er bij hebben. Ik weet niet hoe ik moet beginnen /geen zelf vertrouwen/. Heb de laaste mallen van de engelen gekocht en de sieraden hars .. Ik hoop dat je mij kan helpen om de engelen temaken. Groetjes Roelie



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