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Making Chakra Pendant With Spiritual Touch

In this manual, Jessica takes you through the process of making this unique piece of jewelry. Chakra Pendants are a beautiful piece of jewelry for every energy point and can help restore balance.

Hi creatives! I am Jessica Immen, 39 years old and I work as an artist, hairstylist and make-up artist. I also give head massages and creative workshops in my own hair salon Haarstudio 31 and studio Creative art by Jessica. I have been working with resin for a long time and now I had the opportunity to write another manual for you.

I quickly received the supplies from itsOkay and I started working with great pleasure. I like to use gemstones in jewelry and that works very well. I had never made resin art jewelry before, so this was a new thing for me to do. Now I'm sure I'll be making many more resin and gemstone jewelry! And I just don't think you can stop either, once you start. With the supplies and good resin you can basically make it like this. The UV Epoxy resin from itsOkay works quickly and easily. So you don't have to be impatient and you will have a beautiful, homemade, unique piece of jewelry with a bit of magic in no time!

Making the Chakra Orgonite pendant

> Brief look at the functioning of chakras and gemstones:

As I already mentioned, I like working with gemstones . Just like with colors, the stones have a healing, supportive effect and they bring the body and mind into balance. This is due to the energy they radiate. This is absorbed into your own aura/energy field around you.
You can carry gemstones with you in jewelry, but you can also place them in a room. For example in the living room or bedroom. Or use them for meditations and healings. Then you can place them on the chakra points of the body or around the body.
Chakras are energy points. Chakra literally means 'wheel'. You can imagine it as a vortex of energy. The best known are the 7 chakras below. I will briefly explain their names, where they are located in the body, the color that resonates with them and what they stand for.

To balance all these chakras, you can make this piece of jewelry and wear it as a necklace. The colors are reflected in the pendant and it contains rock crystals.

It's nice for yourself, but also special to be able to make for your family or friends. Nice as a gift to give for a birthday or if they have certain problems. Think of fears, sadness, depression, little energy, being vague, if they have difficulty expressing something, are easily distracted, need insight or physical complaints. Of course, this is not the solution to all problems. Always consult a doctor! This can provide support and relief. If it doesn't hurt, it doesn't hurt.

Supplies :

Step 1: Designing

You can find a lot of inspiration on the internet for making jewelry with epoxy resin. Think about how you are going to make your creation and give it your own twist. I chose a chakra pendant with colors and gemstones, but you can also make it in other colors. Choose what you like!

Step 2: Scoring items

The stuff I used comes from Itsokay.nl. Here you will find almost everything you need for resin jewelry and you will receive it quickly. Usually the next day! Gather the things you need.

In this example we use the UV Epoxy resin , because this resin hardens within a few minutes. This is useful because we want to continue working immediately. You can also choose to use 1:1 Epoxy resin from itsOkay or another brand, but it must harden for at least 24-48 hours per layer.

Step 3: Making the jewelry

Take the silicone mold you have chosen and add a small layer of UV Epoxy Resin of about one centimeter.

Step 4: Add color

Start with the red color pigments. Drop a drop on a plate and dip a skewer in it. Now place the skewer in the mold with the UV Epoxy resin and mix it together. Make sure you work neatly and that the sides of the mold remain clean.

Step 5: Add gemstone

Now take 1 gemstone and place it in the UV Epoxy resin in the mold and press it a little with the skewer so that it is well immersed. Then wipe the skewer clean with a paper towel.

Step 7: Curing the resin

In this example we use the UV Epoxy resin because it hardens within minutes. This resin dries using UV light. You can do this outside in the sun (also works when it is cloudy) or briefly under a UV light from itsOkay.
Place the mold under the UV lamp so that this layer hardens: 1 minute is enough for the resin and this layer to harden. This UV light is just not high enough for the rod (the mold we use) so I raised the light slightly.

Step 8: Repeat Step 3 through Step 7

Repeat the above steps and fill the mold up to the purple/last layer. The order in this example is like the colors of a rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.
First let the top dry for a few minutes and then turn the mold over and let the sides harden again for a few minutes per layer.

Step 9: The final layer

Now that you have reached the final layer, you can add a little color to the resin as in the previous steps, but do not use a stone in this layer. You are going to place the screw eye in the resin and there must be room for this. I attached the hook to a sturdy wire and held it above the mold in the epoxy. You do this while drying under the lamp. You will see that it will stick within seconds and you will not have to drill it into the epoxy afterwards. I let it harden for 1.5 minutes.

Step 10: Remove from the mold

The mold is full and hard. Now you can remove the hanger from the mold. Because the screw eye is attached, you can pull it out quite easily. If you did not put a screw eye in it and are going to do this later, you can rub the hanger out by rubbing the mold between your hands. Is your pendant still sticky? Then let it harden for a few minutes per side and make sure that no fingerprints get on it.

Step 11: Protective Layer (Optional)

The resin may still feel a bit sticky, so make sure the pendant does not become dusty. You can remedy stickiness by allowing it to harden longer or by leaving your creation outside in the sun/cloud for an afternoon.

Step 12: Attach the pendant to the chain

Hang 1 or 2 rings on the hook. You can do this with pliers . Bend and squeeze it well. After this, hang the pendant on the chain. Now you can show off your homemade Chakra jewelry with gemstones.

Show it!

We always enjoy seeing what you've created. Post your jewelry on social media and tag #creativeartbyjessica and #itsOkay. We are very curious and wish you good luck and enjoyment with your unique jewelry. Make something beautiful out of it!

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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