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Make your own epoxy coasters

Make your own coasters with epoxy! The resin art coasters you make with this are beautiful. Completely to your own taste, ready to decorate the dining table or as a luxurious coaster for a glass of wine.

We love shine and our epoxy coasters needed to be renewed. How fun to make this yourself! We started working full of creative impulses and the materials.


1 x Epoxy Resin Coaster Making Package . This includes the following:

  • 1 x Silicone Coaster Mould
  • 1 x 250 gram resin & 1x 250 gram hardener
  • 1 x pot of gold decoration flakes
  • 2 x colors of liquid pigment (with the set you can choose between different colors)
  • Nice manual booklet with examples


    PDF manual for making epoxy coasters

    Step 1: The epoxy

    The package contains a bottle of (A) resin and (B) hardener. A total of 500 grams. See itsOkay.nl for more of the same resin. Do not use other types of resin to make the coasters. We start by mixing the resin (A) with the hardener (B). The ratio is 1:1. This means that you use the same amount of resin and hardener. Calculate how much resin you think you need for the mold you are now going to fill and weigh it. Do you only have one mold? Then do not mix more resin if it fits here. The resin must harden for 24/48 hours. After this you can make the next coaster.

    epoxy resin mixing

    Weigh and mix exactly the same number of grams of resin and hardener and add this to a mixing cup. Mix the resin for a few minutes with, for example, a stick. Also go well along the edges of the mixing bowl, so that everything is well mixed. The mixed resin that we are going to use now is called the resin mixture.

    Step 2: Add the (golden) decorations to the resin

    The package contains a jar of gold decorations. You can of course also use other decorations (for example glitter). Mix 1/3 of the resin mixture or less in the first cup with (gold) decorations. You can choose how many decorations you want in your coaster.

    mixing epoxy resin
    mixing epoxy casting resin

    Step 3: Mix resin with the darkest pigment color

    The kit contains two bottles of color pigment. You can of course also buy them separately in our webshop. In this example we use the colors pink and white. In the second cup we mix 1/3 of the resin mixture with the darkest color, in this case pink. Start by using a small amount of pigment, so you can always top up if you want more color!

    mixing epoxy

    Step 4: Mix resin with the lightest color

    In the third cup we mix the remaining resin mixture with the light color, in this case white. Here too, start with a small amount and add until you have the right color.

    Step 5: Making the coasters

    Now we can get started. You can choose how you want to decorate the coaster. Always pour the resin from the outside in. In this example, pink is the predominant color, so we pour the resin containing the pink pigments first on the outside. After this, we pour the resin with the white pigment colors into the center of the mold. Make sure you know how you want to decorate the mold so that you can work layer by layer to get the best result!

    silicone mold coaster castingsilicone mold coaster casting

    Blow with a heat tool (or a lighter, for example) over the resin you have just poured into the molds to get the bubbles out. A hair dryer is not hot enough. Then let the resin dry for at least 48 hours. Then remove your coaster from the mold.

    silicone mold coaster casting

    Step 6: The finishing touches

    Finish the edges for an even better result! You can apply the gold edges in different ways.

    1. Apply afterwards with a gold marker (paint marker) and then cover it with transparent lacquer or varnish so that it protects the color well;
    2. Dust the mold in advance with gold or silver metallic powder and only then pour it, then they come out with a gold edge;
    3. Apply gold foil to the edges of the mold and then pour the resin.

    Now you have your own beautiful homemade coasters!

    homemade epoxy resin coasters

    More information?

    Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
    Please contact the customer service from itsOkay or take a look at it Epoxy knowledge center .

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