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Making a star: in 4 steps

Easily create a beautiful star with just a few supplies. The star looks impressive, but it is quick to make and you can hardly go wrong. I'm going to explain to you how you too can make this beautiful creation!

But before I do that I will tell you a little more about myself. I am Patricia, 40 years old and a flight attendant in daily life. I make many epoxy resin creations myself, but I have more hobbies. I also make things from wood for which I even have a webshop: Crea-Hout . On Instagram my name is CreaPatanda . For now I'm going to show you how to make beautiful Christmas stars.


 Not essential, but useful:

Make a DIY Christmas star

I love glitter myself. But I skipped that for this blog, because you can also achieve a lot with the color pigments. I used the following dyes:

I also like to work with multiple colors, so I have built up the stars from multiple colors. You can of course choose which colors you want to use to make your star. Let's quickly get started with the explanation, so that you too can quickly have such a beautiful star in your home. I made 2 stars, but I will use the red/green/white in the explanation.

Make a DIY Christmas star

Step 1. Mixing and coloring epoxy resin

For this manual I use the UltraEpoxy because it is very good and cheap. You can also choose a different epoxy resin. The star requires a total of approximately 110 grams. I made the star in 2 steps. First the colors and then the background.
I worked with the ultra epoxy, which has a mixing ratio of 100:60. Use approximately 50 grams of epoxy resin for the first part. Weigh this in the ratio of 31 grams of part A and 19 grams of part B. Mix this well for 3 minutes. I then divided the ultraepoxy into 3 containers. 1 for sparkling white, the least for the middle circle, this is about 5 grams. 1 for red, most of which I put in a container for the larger points, which is about 28 grams and 1 for green, which I filled on average for the smaller points, which is about 17 grams. It's a bit of a gamble with the quantities.

Tip : If you have leftover epoxy resin, you can always fill a small mold. I always have molds of pendants for this purpose, which give nice results.

Make a DIY Christmas star

Step 2. Pouring

As soon as the epoxy resin is properly colored, we start filling the mold. Pay close attention to which color you mixed for which point. I worked in a cross for a nice effect. So for red I used top, bottom, left and right and for green I used the diagonal points. Be careful when pouring. It is possible that some epoxy drips down the side due to the static of the mold. Remove this with a baby wipe, so that your mold is clean again when you pour the next layer.

Tip: If you want to remove air bubbles, which there won't be many, be very careful with your gas burner or lighter. You don't want to touch the silicone mold, the heat can melt it and stick to your epoxy work and then your mold will be broken. So be very careful here.

Make a DIY Christmas star

Step 3. Coloring and pouring the background

After filling the first layer of colors, we let it harden for at least 8 hours to prevent the background from mixing with the colors of the dots. For the background you can weigh out 60 grams of epoxy resin. This is 38 grams of part A and 22 grams of part B. Stir well for another 3 minutes and then add the supreme white pigment paste. This makes a nice dense white color for the background so the red and green stand out. The sparkling white of the center is also clearly visible through this smooth white background color. As soon as the epoxy resin has been mixed and colored, we fill the mold completely. Here too, if you want to remove air bubbles, do so carefully.

Make a DIY Christmas star

Step 4. Remove from the mold

Allow the epoxy resin to harden for at least 24 hours after pouring the final coat. Now follows the last step and then your star is ready. The best part of all epoxy resin work is removing it from the mold. Then you see your end result. So don't wait any longer and get that star out of the mold. Take a look at your beautiful result. Enjoy how beautiful it turned out. Then show it to everyone and immediately make a new one in different colors or perhaps the same colors, because I am sure that several people would want such a beautiful star.

I made the other star with gold, silver and black in the same way, only working with different colors. For the middle circle I used gold flakes in ultra epoxy. This gives a nice effect. The black background also makes the colors stand out beautifully. This way you can vary a lot with colors. There is now one ready with pastel colors and I will also make a glitter version!

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