Making jewelry with a lock of hair

You can process a piece of hair in transparent epoxy resin into a beautiful piece of jewelry. Tress jewelry can be easily made in this way into a necklace, bracelet and or ring.

Making your own pendants with epoxy and a strand of hair is a creative and unique way to create personalized jewelry. How special is it to process a lock of hair in epoxy that is very dear to you, such as someone who has passed away or the hair of a pet.

We would like to take you through this manual on making your own pendants with a personal meaning.

Supplies needed to make a tress ornament

NB: It is always important that when working with epoxy you have a clean workplace and wear protective clothing such as gloves. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area (open a window).

Step 1: Preparing the hanger

Make sure you have all the supplies within reach before you get started. Working with UV Resin is a fast way to make beautiful jewelry because of its rapid hardening, which is why it is important to work carefully. You roll out the open charm tape and stick the open charm on the sticky side. Press the charm firmly to prevent epoxy from running underneath.

We work with 3 layers in this process. We are going to start with pouring the first layer . We do this with the UV Resin. This dries within a few minutes under the UV lamp. So super handy!

Pour a thin transparent layer of epoxy resin. Divide it evenly with a stirring stick or skewer. Check very carefully whether the charm is completely filled with epoxy. If this is the case, place the lamp on top. The UV Epoxy Resin LED lamp 6 watts from itsOkay shines for 30 seconds each time you turn it on. This is just enough for the first thin layer.

Step 2: Add the lock of hair (and decorations).

If you want to add the strand of hair in the open charm, I recommend that you add it a little damp to make. This makes it easier to get the lock in the right shape as you have in mind. For example, use tweezers and place the strand of hair in the charm. As an extra touch, I choose to add some glitter.

When you are satisfied, start working on it second layer . Once again, the second layer is thin and transparent and here too you pay close attention to whether the epoxy is completely distributed over the charm. Place the lamp above it and this time we only press it once.

Step 3: Determine the background

You can cast the lock of hair jewelry transparently, but you can also add color. It is completely personal which type of color pigments you choose. In this example we have chosen Pinata Blanc Blanc (white). We think this is the perfect color to bring out the hair strand. You take a disposable cup and add a maximum of 2 drops of this color pigment and a few drops of UV Resin resin. Make sure you mix this quickly and well with a stirring stick and pour it into the charm. And just like in the previous steps: make sure that the epoxy resin is well distributed.

Satisfied? Then put the UV Epoxy resin LED lamp on again to let the epoxy harden. Repeat this process several times to ensure that the epoxy is properly hardened.

Step 4: Final touch

We're going to remove the charm from the tape. Pull the charm whole carefully off the tape.

To complete the pendant, we give it a beautiful shine. We achieve this by adding 1 extra layer of epoxy to the front. We personally think it is very nice if the pendant has a bit of a curve, which gives you a 3D effect. With a few drops of the UV resin you ensure that you get a bulge and voilá, time to grab the lamp for the last time. You can turn this on once, but you can also turn it on a second time to be sure.

Now that your homemade lock of hair jewelry pendant is completely ready, all you have to do is hang it on a chain. And you can wear it with pride afterwards. This is of course also a very cool idea to give this as a gift!

More information?

Do you have questions about making art, jewelry or casting/coating floors or other objects? Several people work at itsOkay epoxy experts each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.
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