Making epoxy stickers

Create your own unique stickers quickly and easily with text, name, label or a personal message. You can use these stickers for epoxy, housework, pots, model making or other hobbies. From personalizing epoxy key rings to bookmarks and even printing labels, photos and logos.

Epoxy sticker printer

With a good-quality sticker printer you can quickly and easily create personalized stickers for different products. This compact sticker printer is a high-quality entry-level model for making stickers in all sizes . Our experts have extensively tested various printers and this printer came out on top. The printer is easy to use and comes with a clear manual. Because the sticker printer is small, you can easily take it with you everywhere.
The printer works via Bluetooth on your Apple or Android phone. The advantage of this is that you can immediately create stickers via the accompanying free app on your phone. No hassle and you don't have to wait until you get home.
This is a thermal sticker printer. This means that the printer only prints black using heat, without using ink. So you don't have to order expensive cartridges.


What can you print?

You can use the sticker printer for various purposes . This is one of the better printers for epoxy stickers, but you can print much more with it. Print with ease:

  • Labels : From school supplies for your children (school books, lunch boxes) to labels for your favorite hobby. By labeling pots and containers you create overview and peace.
  • Names and texts.
  • Personalized stickers: for special holidays or event invitations.
  • Notes (including emoticons and fun images for scrapbooking, for example)
  • Templates (choose from to do lists, sticky notes, rich templates)
  • Text editor (quickly type and print text and choose your own fonts or font size)

You can print on transparent or normal printing paper . Advanced technology in this upgraded 2024 model ensures sharp results with both types of paper. Effortlessly print photos, precise texts or names.

Create and design your epoxy sticker

You can easily and quickly design epoxy stickers in the accompanying app and then easily print them. The app can be installed for free from the App Store on your phone for both Android and Apple devices. Choose from hundreds of free templates, images, emoticons and fonts in the app environment.

The epoxy sticker printer has several options as indicated above. It is a matter of trying and testing. This also applies to the fonts: one is sleek and the other more elegant. The app you are working with contains 18 different fonts. The app also contains free standard images and pictures, which can be found in different categories. The choice is huge. You can also choose to print photos or images from your phone.

Small or large epoxy stickers, in various shapes

The sticker printer is a handy device that works via Bluetooth. You can use the printer on all devices with an Android and iOS (Apple) operating system. The printer has an extremely long battery life, so you don't have to constantly look for a socket to charge it. Before using the printer, you must first charge it via a USB cable. Turn on the printer and then install the roll paper. You can choose from transparent and white paper. Both are for sale on itsOkay. The sticker printer can then be easily operated with the "Phomemo" app on your smartphone. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store on your phone and has a "mushroom" icon. With this app you can then easily design your own stickers/labels/logos. Even if you have just taken a photo on your smartphone, you can print it out immediately.

Features in the app: Phomemo

As soon as you open the app you will have different icons, here are a few examples:

  • Notes = Design your own sticker
  • Print image = Print photo
  • Templates = Templates in different categories
  • OCR = Recognize text from a photo. The text is converted to the sticker that you can edit
  • Toolbox = Create Banner (Long Large Text)
  • Microprint = Small thin text. The text "Welcome to ItsOkay" is 0.3 cm long. The sticker roll has a width of 5.5 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I create a long text/banner?
If you want to create a long, large text or banner, do this as follows.
Go to App → Toolbox → Banner & Design. You can make the banner as long as you want (provided you have enough paper). We have made banners ourselves that are at least 2 meters long. The width of the letters is 3 centimeters.

2. What is the microprint function in the app?
The "microprint" function says it all. You can use it to make mini prints. With this function you will be more likely to see glitches in the font or ink. To achieve the best result, we recommend that you choose heavy thickness via "print settings". It is a personal choice what you like best if you do not use the microprint function. In terms of font thickness, you can choose between the following options: light – medium – heavy and dedicated.

3. How many different fonts are there?
You can choose from 18 different fonts in the app. From elegant to sleek, thicker or thin font. You open the app: Phomemo -> Notes -> Text. You make your own sticker here. If you click on text and start typing you will see Aa at the bottom, click on this and 18 different fonts will appear.

4. Can you also print other text colors?
No, this mini sticker printer prints thermally using heat. This is exclusively black.

5. Are the stickers dishwasher safe?
No. Our stickers stick well, but are not made here.

6. Is it possible that some stickers are 'choppy'?
It may happen that your text or photo is 'choppy'. This mainly happens with very small, thin fonts. Our advice is to choose to make the font larger and choose bold. This also makes it easier to read on the product or epoxy artwork on which you stick the sticker.
Please note: if the printer is new or you have not used it for a while, print a few times so that the printer has warmed up properly.

7. How wide are the sticker rolls?
The paper is 5.3 centimeters wide.

8. Where do you see the length of the text?
If you press the print icon at the top right, you will reach the following settings: "Print review". Top left: Length of the sticker (for example 2.3 cm).

9. Do the stickers stick to candles?
Yes, the stickers stick well even to candles. But these stickers are made of paper and plastic and are not intended for candles. Always pay close attention to your own safety and prevent fire hazards. We recommend not to stick these stickers on candles.

Pros and cons:

  • Easy and fast to use
  • Lightweight
  • Wireless
  • Horizontal and vertical printing
  • Certain fonts or small images can sometimes be 'choppy'
  • Transparent paper is difficult to tear off (use scissors for this), on the other hand, the printing paper is super easy to tear off
  • Wide choice of pictures
  • Not dishwasher/hand wash safe

More information?

Do you have questions about the epoxy sticker printer or other products? Several epoxy experts work at itsOkay, each with their own expertise. We are happy to help you.

Contact itsOkay customer service or take a look at the Epoxy knowledge center .


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