Applying epoxy coating to swimming pool

Do you have a swimming pool or are you building a swimming pool and do you want to provide it with an epoxy coating? Then read on.

Having your own swimming pool is great, especially when the weather is nice and with a glass of wine in hand. However, it brings with it some challenges in terms of maintenance. It is important to provide your swimming pool with the correct coating. Epoxy coating is a popular option for swimming pools because of its many advantages. Read on if you want to know how you can provide your swimming pool with an epoxy coating.

Advantages of epoxy coating for a swimming pool

An epoxy coating is increasingly being chosen for swimming pools. And that is not without reason. Epoxy coatings are relatively cheap and easy to apply.

They are waterproof, durable and have a high chemical resistance. In addition, an epoxy coating offers a closed smooth finish , which has many advantages when maintaining. Dirt and bacteria have almost no chance to adhere. In addition to this important hygienic function, you simultaneously create a durable and protective layer . An epoxy coating also protects against UV radiation, wear, water filtration and chemicals.

How do you apply an epoxy coating to a swimming pool?

Follow the following steps to apply an epoxy coating to a swimming pool:

1. Preparation

Make sure the surface of the pool is completely clean, dry and free of grease. New concrete swimming pools often deteriorate, which can cause cracks to appear. First repair any cracks or damage in the concrete, tiles or polyester before you start.

2. Apply primer

First apply a primer to the surface of the pool. A primer provides good adhesion between the surface and the epoxy.

3. Apply coating

Once the base layer (the primer) has hardened, the epoxy coating can be applied. A good epoxy for this is Ultraepoxy . This is a universal epoxy casting resin. This epoxy offers the best adhesion. Follow the instructions on the packaging of the epoxy casting resin. Mix well for 5-7 minutes. Also scrape the bottom and sides of the mixing bowl. Apply the epoxy coating evenly with a brush or roller.

Epoxy can be applied transparently, so that the concrete or tiles remain visible. Products such as polyurea and chlorinated rubber do not offer this option. Epoxy can also be applied opaque, but several layers are required to hide the surface structure.

4. Finishing

Allow the epoxy coating to cure completely as recommended for drying time. This guarantees that the coating reaches its optimal strength.

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